Hello, my son is 13. He’s 5’4" 105lbs and throws about 75 mph. Is that above average? Also can you tell me the averages for size and/or age for pitching. Thanks


Well I think that in HS they are looking for players that are heading toward 6’ +, average velocity on a “C” team might be 70-75, “JV” team might be 75-80 and “V” 80 + or great location and/ filthy off speed. There are pitchers in college and the big leagues that aren’t 6 foot so it has a lot to do with velocity, location and the ability to get hitters out.

Ah, what radar gun are you using. I’ve never seen one read out “about 75”. Not to be a jerk, but guessing velocity is tricky at best.

That said, 75 would put him in the top 5% I’d assume. My son is a bigger 12 with a strong arm and he’s 65-69.

Just a couple of things. They aren’t giving contracts to 14’s. Meaning he could be throwing 80 at 13, but if he’s 83 at 18 then all you’ll have is memories. Also, my son could probably hit 70 often if I encouraged him to gas it every pitch, but I’d like to see him still throwing in HS, so I don’t.

My son hit 80 as a freshman, 85 as a sophmore, pretty much stayed there until the summer of his Jr. year where he hit 90, he was the 5th rated pitcher in the state of Florida with the lowest era…we were a 5 A school but we had no other 90 mph pitchers and only 1 who was low mid 80’s, we did have a couple (One a lefty) who were upper 70’s.
What you want to do, is worry about diet, worry about conditioning, worry about grades…his skill and desire will take care of the playing aspect…speed will come, if his body and mind are ready for it, he won’t injure himself (Mostly…can’t ever escape from an accident)…

We have traditionally seen this post (My bet is an average of once or twice before the school season), the not knowing gnaws at you, go see some games, see what he is up against, prepare him and then worry about having fun (And buying a nice tri-pod for your cam-corder :wink: ).

Our HS had a summer squad of 12-13 yr olds he ran to act as a sort of "try-out team for freshman, try to find out if your HS has one.

I’d love to see some video of his motion. My kid is 14, a couple hairs short of 5 foot 7, and weighs 108. He has really good mechanics and hasn’t come close to 70 yet, much less 75 . His fastball cruises at 65 mph with nice movement, his change (which is his best pitch, btw) hits 58 and drops like a rock at the plate, and he throws a mediocre curve. He made it thru 33 innings this season with a 3-3 record against some very competitive 14u teams (and one 15u team) with those 3 pitches. He has a plan to spend the next six months working out, throwing daily (except for November which he will take off thru the first month of basketball) while gaining some significant weight by next season with the goal to hit 70 by tryouts.

I am not disputing your son’s speed, because I’ve seen some kids in youth sports do things that will blow your minds. But, if he is hitting 75 at his height and weight, than he is an exceptional talent. I easily saw more than a hundred 14 year old young men pitch this past year on AAA and Majors teams, and only a very small handful hit 75, all of whom were significantly larger than my kid. And I’m pretty sure I only saw one that hit 80, and he hurt his arm halfway thru the season and finished the year playing first base.

Follow jd’s advice as he knows what he’s talking about. Keep it fun, make sure he focuses on school, and help him to get stronger the right way. Enjoy the ride cause I’m finding out it goes faster and faster every year. Welcome to the forum, you’ll find some great information here to help your son on his journey.

Here is some more information on speed that laflippin shared in a thread awhile back. Based on this, your son would be in the 1 in 100,000 range.

"Some time ago an orthopaedic doctor, Dr. Michael J. Axe, compiled an actuarial table of expected throwing velocities for 8 - 14 yos. Here are the average velocities:

8 yo: 40 mph
9 yo: 43 mph
10 yo: 46 mph
11 yo: 48 mph
12 yo: 50 mph
13 yo: 54 mph
14 yo: 60 mph

Dr. Axe also provides numbers for 1, 2, 3, 4, and even 5 standard deviations above the averages for each age group. (If you’re not sure what std. dev. refers to, think of it this way: A thrower who is 4 std. devs above the average velocity for his age group is a 1 in 100,000 level thrower. 5 std devs is a 1 in a million level thrower…

Here are the “1 in 100,000-level” velocities:

8 yo: 54 mph
9 yo: 59 mph
10 yo: 62 mph
11 yo: 64 mph
12 yo: 70 mph
13 yo: 74 mph
14 yo: 84 mph.

[quote=“shaykivlen”]Hello, my son is 13. He’s 5’4" 105lbs and throws about 75 mph. Is that above average? Also can you tell me the averages for size and/or age for pitching. Thanks


From what I’ve seen in youth ball, 14U and younger, 75 mph would be the exception and not the norm. I’d love to see some video and see how he get’s that much power from a small frame. I believe Lincecum when he was a freshman in HS was 5’4" and threw over 80 mph+. But he’s definitely the exception.

My son is a 14 yr old incoming freshman. He is 6’0, 185. He made his junior legion team this summer. His velocity on his 4 seamer is 78 to 82.

Here’s my point; even with that velocity at 14 he’s more effective spotting corners with his 2 seamer at 73 - 74, then mixing in 4 seamers, change, or curve balls as the situation dictates.

He made the team and will be starting varsity as a freshman because of control, mental toughness, and understanding how to get out hitters, not just throwing as hard as possible every pitch.

I think this is the difference between Pitching and Throwing.

My Son just turned 13 and he was measured at a camp from a 54ft mound at 73mph. He is 5 7’ and 120lbs he was selected to play on his state allstar team in the USSSA midwest games and part of the skills competition is pitching velocity. It will be interesting to see the speeds of some of the top players in the midwest.

This type of competition should never be allowed! Noone will ever know but I’ll bet there are a lot of injuries that come from them.