Average Velocities For Minor Leagues

Anybody want to know - or take an educated guess at (Steven?)- the average fastball velocities for Rookie, A, high A, AA, AAA and MLB?

I’ve heard from a minor leaguer that hitting in rookie ball is tough because the players are very young (typically minorities), throw mid 90s triple digits, and have no idea as to where the gas is going. Talk about feeling uncomfortable in the batters box.

There’s certainly some raw talent in the Minors - lots of guys throwing real hard. But, I still think the highest velocities on the whole are in the Majors.

They did a study a few years ago; the top velocities are in High-A ball. I think short-season and/or Low-A are faster than MLB too. It’s pretty interesting, actually.

I think on average it’s very similar to MLB. There is a lot of truth to the rookie ball fireballers who have no idea where it’s going, but there are also a lot of pitchers who had success in college with below avereage velocity. Their limitation is often not having enough “stuff” to get out of A ball, so I think it all evens out.