Average speeds

does any one know the average speeds for highschool for the following
if you dont know what froshsoph is its like a team under JV.
from what ive seen 75 is freshmen sophmores
high 70s low 80s good JV players
varsity mid 80s +/- a few.
am i right?
im in socal so id also like to know what its like in other places, for instance while some places have indoor facilities, almost everything we have is outdoors.

Im in NEOhio… the “average” speed is tuff to say but I can tell you #'s on what are considered the better players.

FR- Better pitchers are 70-75 w/ the best hitting low 80’s
SO- " 73-78 mid 80’s
JR- " 78-85 hi 80’s
SR " 82-86 87-95

FR/SO #'s are tricky… you get some kids that are early maturers that hit 78 as a FR & 82 as a SR. On the flip side a kid is hitting low 60’s as a FR & mid 80’s as a SR.

TX, FL & CA (sun states) will chime in and the #'s will bump by 3-6 mph’s on the average at ea level I’d guess.

knock 3-6 mph’s off what I thought were ranges for our “better” players & then you’ll get the “average” i guess.

Our elite kids compete w/ anyone (Stetson Allie in 2010 was gunned at 100 & sat in the 96-97 range all year). We have a lefty outta suburban Cleveland that Baseball America has as the #6 HS prospect in the country that’ll touch 93-94 in late innings.

it’s less important what the “average” speed is in high school, because the “average” player is not going to play at the next level. It’s also less important what the velocity readings are freshman and sophomore years, because some people do develop late as was mentioned above. Junior year is typically where you need decent velocity to get a chance at the next level, but as in my case, i didn’t get seen until the summer after my senior season and still managed my way onto an ACC team.

as far as college goes, righties need to show at least consistent 85-87 mph with projectability, or 86-88 if they are a less projectable guy. Weird throwers may have a little more wiggle room, but not much. Low 80s will cut it if you’re a submarine guy or have some devastating pitch. The guys that get big scholarships, though, are righties consistently 88-90+ mph who maybe hit low 92 or 93 at some big time showcase. Lefties you can generally subtract about 2 mph from what righties have to throw. In my case, sitting 85 at that summer tryout while hitting 87, being projectable and performing well was enough to get a spot on the team.

Lefties who sit 90 or righties who sit 91-92 or above get drafted out of high school as a rule, same thing in college unless the command is horrendous

Anywhere in the 83-85 range as a righty should land you in a DII or DIII school unless of course you’re very projectable or have a devastating pitch. Low 80s (unless you’re a submarine guy) is pretty rare in DI, but there may be a handful of guys who get away with that. Below 80 mph consistently will likely place you in a DIII school

Lankys post is dead on.

have to agree with Lanky.
but im in Socal as well and ive seen guys throw very hard and have zero control and guys here like the harder throwers its the secondary pitch that seperates the average from the top tier. likewise its not the players who can hit top tier fastballs that get peoples attenion as much as who can het the offspeed.

i guess what im saying is id rather have a guy throwin mid 80s with above average secondary stuff than a guy who throw 90s who cant locate or change speeds imo. now a guy who throws 90s or very high eighties and has command and secondary stuff… well lanky said it best.

Agree. Lanky well said.

As for velo numbers I’m in La. and I would say JTWilson is pretty close with his numbers

Is there any way to predict velocity increases from freshman to senior year, given the velo numbers as a freshman?

Many of the above average freshman in my area (swohio) are hitting mid 70s. As far as Juniors and Seniors I’ve seen the highest for eighties at high 80s low 90s and 87-89 (never 90) for lefties. I’ve watched a lot of teams from the premier teams in the Southwest and I’ve seen a great range but the ones who get D1 or any full rides hit atleast 85 as seniors but most also have a great strikeout pitch.

I understand where you want to know about other kids but I also agree with Lanky. The only stuff I ever need is coaches/instructors watching me work or a kid walking back to the dugout P/Od.

thanks guys, and i agree on the freshmen part, ive used to throw kind of sft but of lately ive been starting to throw harder before so the freshman part is kind of blurred because of growth puberty development, all that good stuff. i want ed to know average speed because i can figure out where someone is above avg or below, i just think its ridiculous that im competing for a higher spot as a pitcher with a guy that throws low 60"s to mid 60’s just because hes a lefty with a decent curveball, but i guess thats baseball and being a lefty is just better for pitching.

Higher spot as in?

There’s tons of factors other then velocity that go into the makeup of a pitching staff you need to remember that.

Leftys are a whole other animal their own, its not thay its better to be a Lefty its just a different angle that most aren’t used to seeing especially in the lower levels.

Honestly its about how tough the guy is to hit not if you throw harder than he does!

Higher spot as in?

There’s tons of factors other then velocity that go into the makeup of a pitching staff you need to remember that.

Leftys are a whole other animal their own, its not thay its better to be a Lefty its just a different angle that most aren’t used to seeing especially in the lower levels.[/quote]
i agree they are different, i can get contact off lefties, but the lack of lefties i face on a usual basis hurts my AB’s when hitting of lefties. The angle that the ball is coming at is the opposite as well.
were both freshmen for number #2 spot as pitcher, #1 is a sophomore beast that got sent down because he was cutting practices. I guess the thing he does do better are get ground balls, and he has a devastating uncle charlie curve. oh and he has the best move on our team or one of the best in the program.
I will say i do give up lots of pop ups which because our weak outfield give up bases. i play 1st base too maybe they want me playing there instead. and he’s a good friend so i wish him well too.
I dont know season hasn’t started yet and during the summer time i was the #1 pitcher, we’ll see then.

Honestly its about how tough the guy is to hit not if you throw harder than he does![/quote]
yeah i found that out, a kid on my team threw just pure heat, but he threw wild and flat so i was the main picher in front of him. Now how ever he fixed all of those problems and now hes a level ahead of me even though he’s the same grade as me. hits better than he pitches though.

Turn 22:

Too many variables to project the FR to SR #'s… I’ve asked that same question.


If the FR is a true biological 14 yr old & taps into workouts, better mechanics etc… they could easily gain 18-28 mph’s over four years.

A FR w/ a fully matured body may gain 3-5 over the same period.

My son is 13 (soon to be 14) 8th grader & sits at 61-63 recently. He was sitting 55-57 2.5 years ago. Not much velo increase at all for that period of time. He maxed out a lot of his workout & mech’s advantages & didnt grow a lot in that time.

He weighs 110 lbs & projects to grow 6-8" more & likely 60 lbs. I’d think he’ll get to 80’s or very close by his SR yr. I say that since he is in his initial stage of puberty.

He has kids he plays with that are bigger than their fathers & throw 67-77. Their are a few I’d guess will be throwing the same in 3-4 years.

It sux that velo has to be the priority, but lets face it… you have to be at certain velo levels to get looks & if you dont… your control, presence & deception wont be considered.

Thanks for the reply JT.

I see the logic in what you’re saying. There are too many variables to consider.

Just to add on b/c this is a good topic and point of refrence, my kid made the Fresh. © team at school. 6A( Big School)
They have C, JV & V levels

Fresh. were gunned and clocked

1 kid @ 85-88mph 6"2" 190lbs real mature. All or nothing, no change of speeds can walk or seem your backside 3-4 batters in a row or K the side depending on brain cells that day.

1 kid @ 80-82mph Maybe a little more in the tank but full facial hair and taller than parents, good stuff slingin’ side arm RH moved right up to JV

1 kid @ 77-79mph with no control couldn’t get out of an inning(scrimmage).

3 kids 70-75mph including my LH and 2 RH. All still growin. This group had good control for the most part, changed speeds, located and have a breaking ball.

All the rest were mid 60’s