Average speed for 7 year old?

What would you guys consider fast for 7 year olds? I know a kid that is 7 and throws 48 mph, tops. He will be eight in a week. I just wanted to know if this is average for his age or not.


I think that is actually very, very good for a 7 year old. If you assume a 4 mph per year gain, by the time hes 18 he’ll throw in the 90s.

Theres no way you can tell that.
That does seem pretty good though.
But damn radar gunning a 7 year old.
I didnt get radar gunned til this year.

are you really being serious right now? a 7 year old…

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The more I think about it, why?

Gunning a kid at age 7?!!?

What’s going on in today’s society?

Enjoy watching the kid play the game at that age regardless if he throws 48 mph or 8 mph. Focus on making sure he’s having fun rather then making sure he’s throwing hard enough.

A lot can happen by the time he enters High School, heck a lot can happen by the time he’s 10.

Why the curiosity on the velo of 7 year old?

That’s actually really good, but he should work on not grooving it. Most things teach people to groove it and throwing strikes, like most pitching nets. It’s ok to pound the corners and to throw things 6 inches off the plate. Most 7 year olds will go fishing for that. Also, work on getting ground balls. Strikeouts aren’t that good. A groundout or popout is better.

Dude the kids 7!
He probably throws 50/50 balls and strikes. Dont worry about hitting corners and getting ground outs. Just let him have fun.

let him play cf, 3b or any position he wants. not pitcher

What’s that got to do with his velocity? Why not let the lil’fella pitch if he enjoys pitching? The BIG thing is to simply make sure he is having fun PLAYING the game at that age.

If your worried about him hurting his arm, chill out. Hes 7. He probably cant even move his arm fast enough to hurt it. But make sure he has good mechanics just in case. And when I say good mechanics, just make sure he doesnt shotput the ball.

ok i know im not the first saying that gunning a 7 yr old is nuts… forget gunning … just make sure the kid loves baseball and work on little things such as mechanics … … obviously… alo try this… try making him a catcher maybe till the age of 13… i dont know why but i know alot of catchers that turned pitchers around 13- 15 and their arms are strongg… then from there tune up the mechnics…

i my high schools top catcher… and moved to pitching at 15 years old. every1 thought i was nuts… but now im doing great. made my college team getting look at my a d1 school and im hitting 88-90 at 20 years old. give it a try… but dont worry about how old a 7 yr old thows

I’m 13… and i’ve never been timed. A 7 year olds been timed? WOW

start caring about speed and outs when he makes it to the LLWS. just let him have fun

i didn’t play until i was 12. let him have fun.

you’re ruining the game.

I remember when I was 7 I was topping out at around 37. But then I had TJ and when I finally got back to throwing I was at 28. Im not gonna lie I was pretty upset.

wtf??? you had tj when you were seven???

He forgot the sarcasm tags

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You didnt read my signature did you? lol