Average MLB fastball velocity is now 92 mph - how high will it go?


Found this interesting:

Average MLB fastball velocity has gone from 89.9 miles per hour in 2002 to 91.8 miles per hour in 2014.

Source: Fan Graphs

How high do you think it’ll go in the next 10-12 years?


I’d say that as long as there continues to be an emphasis on velocity, there will be an increase in the number of pitchers throwing low to mid 90’s and that average will go up 1 or 2 mph.

It sure would be interesting, however, to see a MLB team deemphasize velocity and instead emphasize location, movement and pitch sequencing to see if performance can be maintained while reducing injuries.


KC tried that a few years back with their minor league affiliates, it didn’t seem to work and now they have all those power arms


106 is still the top end, as far as I know. That leads me to believe we will still show incremental gains. Perhaps 95 mph by 2020.