Average fastball velocitys for d1 d2 and d3

what are the average fastball velocitys for d1 d2 and d3 baseball

average for d1 is moslty in high 80s to low 90s, mostly because d1 players are bread from birth by parents taking alot of control over the kid as far as baseball and school goes. but in all ive seen 90s in d2 and d3 schools, d2 around here(florida) usually depends on school but mostly in the 80s. but comunity colleges usually have real good pitchers, mostly the ids thats are real good in baseball but bad in school end up playin for a good cc team. ive seen pretty crapy d2 pitching and watched the school i plan on going to pbcc just spank anybody they play . so in all theres no set standards it all comes down to how effective you are and if the coach likes you.

not sure if this is true

No not true whatsoever.

There is no way to give a definite answer to this question. I pitch at the division I level but i am in a Mid Major conference. There may be 5 guys in the entire conference who throw harder than 90 regularly.

I also have summer teammates who play in the SEC/ACC/etc where 14 out of their 17 pitchers throw 90+

DII it can range from 75-95

DIII same thing.

If you’re good you’re good - a school will find you.

While there is no doubt that there is a bit of a talent difference at each level, you can still find D1 talent at D2 and D3 schools. I have to say the biggest difference I see between the divisions is consistency of the players. A lot of the big time players at big time schools perform day in and day out and go about their playing in a very business like matter. Not saying that some players in D2 and D3 schools don’t play like that, it’s just not as common. As far as velocity, I don’t think it’s different at each level at all. For example, there’s a kid on my team (Newberry College Div II) who is consistenly 94-96mph. He doesn’t really have great secondary stuff, but he definately has a Major League fastball. Also, in our conference, every team had at least two guys who run it up there in the 90’s.

So don’t think just because a school is a lower division the talent pool is different, there are quality ball players everywhere.

I hate how there always these guys throwing “90’s” that maybe touched 90 0nce