Autograph.Meeting fave players

Post times u have gotten autographs or met your fave players in person

I went to a Winnipeg Goldeyes (Northern League) indy ball game today
it was at home againts the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks.
Ace Walker a pitcher for the Goldeyes who was named to 2nd team baseball all america last year for indy ball was pitching, well he pitched 7 2/3 of no hit ball, the team did make an error this was b4 a single by one of fargos players happened.
Walker ended up with a 1 hitter,

I got Kevin West to sign a homerun ball i got last year
And as i was leaving i saw walker come out and sign autos
he signed a baseball card of his 4 me and my ticket and i got him to write 1 hitter on it was well

so ya i thought that was preety cool


Bob Feller - Winter Haven, FL
Terry Francona - Pittsburgh, PA
Jose Lima - Pittsburgh, PA

I’ll never forget Jose. I wish I could be so “effervescent”.
Bob has come down with Leukemia I hear.
Terry is a hometown boy, done good.

Jose Rijo…same kinda guy as Jose…shoulda seen his turbo Porsche Targa…as he jetted out after his pre-season appearance

I used to go to Yankee Stadium—the original ballpark—every chance I got, and sometimes I would be sitting in the bleachers next to the Yankee bullpen, so when nothing exciting was happening on the field I would gab with the relief pitchers. They were a cool bunch, especially Tom Ferrick who had some interesting insights regarding relief pitching. I was in the bleachers next to the bullpen when Don Larsen pitched his perfect game, so I got what amounted to the right-fielder’s view of the proceedings.
The one I will never forget was September 17, 1951 when I was upstairs behind home plate and watched Ed Lopat outpitch Bob Lemon. I had been thinking about the slider all season and it suddenly hit me that I wanted to ask one of the Yankee pitchers about it. Well, it turned out to be Lopat. After that game I caught up to him and said “Excuse me, Mr. Lopat—could I ask you something?” He stopped and looked at me, and then with four quiet words he had me in the palm of his hand; he said “Go ahead, I’m listening.” When I told him I just wanted to ask him something about the slider, his response was to draw me away from the rest of the mob outside the clubhouse entrance and take several minutes to show me how to throw a good one. And that led to his becoming my pitching coach for almost four years, and I will always remember him for it. What I got from him was something the value of which can never be measured—topflight instruction from an incredible pitcher. :slight_smile: 8)

My favorite autographs are:

Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 Kingdome
Omar Vizquel 1989 Kingdome
Harold Reynolds
Kevin Bass
Tony Gwynn While I worked at ESPN

Last summer I met Bruce Bochy the Giants manager and got his autograph, also Andres Blanco the catcher. I believe he plays for the Angels now? I also met Kevin Mench he is from my hometown. No one too famous…

Actually I met this pitcher at the Cape league named Grayson Garvin. He showed me how to throw a slider. (Zita Carno on this board helped too.) I met Carl Yastrzemski’s son and got his auto. And a Roger Clemens. Never met him, though.

Sorry for the gravedig, but I didn’t want to start an unnecessary new topic since there was already one.

Got one from Willie Mays in D.C.
Also when I was at a Nats game I had front row seats, Ken Griffey Jr. caught a ball for the 3rd out and tossed it to me.
Have a few from Brandon League, my dad worked with his father for some time.
Got several from Jose Guillen in D.C.
Got a worn jersey by Jose Guillen autographed by him as well.

I was at a Phillies game and it was the hottest day of te summer, 102 degrees. For hours I stood in the heat hoping to get someones autograph. All of a sudden Jimmy Rollins comes over and signs TWO autographs, a firemans helmet, and mine, the cooler thing ias that he talked to us for a minute and shook our hands, I thought that was pretty cool.

A friend of mine told me that he had gotten Nolan Ryans address, I didn;t belive him, I mailed him a letter asking if he could sign a photo for me, he did, I got it authenticated and it was 100% real!

The rest of theese autographs don’t really have a story behind them, I just got them from the players, nothing else…

Greg Luzinski-2009 Phillies Game
The 2009 Lakewood Blueclaws
Jimmy Rollins-2010 Phillies Game
Gary Maddux-2010 Phillies Game
Rob Sasser-Former Txas Ranger, White Sox minor league hitting coach
BJ Upton-2004 Durham Bulls Game
Nolan Ryan
Cal Ripken Jr- on a game used bat

Jim Palmer came to one of my little league games way back in the day and I got him to sign my glove…also Tommy Lasorda came and spoke to our team this year which was pretty cool

I own two autographed baseballs. Got one back in the late 60’s or early 70’s and got the other 5 or 6 years ago. Both are signed by the same person: Harmon Killebrew.

R.I.P Killebrew

When I was 7 I sent a letter to my favorite player, Chipper Jones. After a while I forgot about it. When I was 11 I got a letter from Florida, being Atlanta’s spring training location, and I had no idea what it could be. I opened it, I got my letter back, and a signed photograph of my idol. 8)

Wel I have some more autographs to add to my list (the new ones are in bold)

Greg Luzinski-2009 Phillies Game
The 2009 Lakewood Blueclaws
Jimmy Rollins-2010 Phillies Game
Gary Maddux-2010 Phillies Game
Rob Sasser-Former Txas Ranger, White Sox minor league hitting coach
BJ Upton-2004 Durham Bulls Game
Cal Ripken Jr- on a game used bat
Steve Garvey- met him in NY
The 1994 Phillies- won it at the ALS auction
Brandon Beachy-met him a a phillies game
Derek Lowe-met him at a Phillies game
Dan Uggla-the person I was standing next to…his niece dates Dan.
Kyle Kendrek-met him at a Phillies game
GayLord Perry-won at an auction
Chase Utley- met him at a gift shop
Joe Morgan