Austin Robinson Pitching Analysis

We are 9 years old and would like any feedback. Thanks

Hi Aydrein

Taking a look at Austin’s pitching mechanics. I look for 5 main movements in the pitching delivery. 1. Early Momentum 2. Back leg Power - sitting into your stride 3. Staying loaded and closed 4. How the hips open into foot plant 5. Front leg stabilization

Lets take a look at #1 and see how better early momentum can improve sequencing his kinetic chain. Take a look at Austin moving into leg lift. What I see is Austin in the classic balance position with no forward movement prior to hand break. I like to see pitchers keep their weight inside their drive leg moving into leg lift with forward momentum. When you get too balanced up at leg lift, it is hard to get momentum going out and down the mound.

Austin’s first move out of leg lift is squatting down. When a pitcher just squats, and doesn’t use ground force to gain early momentum, they have a very difficult time pushing out and down the mound out of the squat or sitting only position. The result of this movement causes a pitcher to push off his leg causing him to stand back up again. This is exactly what Austin does.


Look at the pictures below. This is better sequencing. Follow Zach Grienke’s head on the Angles first base coach. You can see early momentum out of leg lift and momentum while sitting into his delivery moving down the mound. Now take a look at Austin’s head by the tree in the back. His head starts up at the higher branches. As he moves out of leg lift his head drops to the lower branches as he squats down. This would be OK only if he maintained a lower position and created early momentum. With the third picture you can see that his head went back up to the upper tree branches with no forward momentum

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When pitchers get their momentum moving forward and they ride their back leg everything stays closed and loaded sequencing the kinetic chain. What I would first focus on is helping him understand early weight shift out of leg lift which will help him get his core moving towards the catcher before hand break. This movement done correctly will also help clean up some of the other flaws as well.

Hope this helps
Steve EBP

Thank you so much for your feedback. Is there a certain drill or skill you recommend us doing to assist with this issue?

Hey Aydrein. A drill I would suggest is the Load and Go drill. This purpose of this drill helps promote good momentum, powerful unwind, and finish.

  • Create early momentum
  • Develop the feel for keeping the hips loaded when you place yor srtide foot hooked around your drive foot and through the stride phase
  • Start as if pitching from the stretch
  • Feet lined up, front foot even with your back foot
  • Front foot turned in
  • Bend knees and bounce gently to engage drive plant foot on ground
  • Take lead leg straight up
  • Get your center moving
  • You are now loaded. Now go
  • Ride a strong back leg and drive out

Let me know how it goes
Steve EBP