Augie Garrdio: Must See Vid

Augie better be careful these days expressing himself. If someone gets their feelings hurt a lawyer will be filing suit for 'disrespecting" his client in a New York minute. The Board of Regents will happily throw him to the wolves and place a new “progressive, transgender, modern, studious, forward looking” coach in the position or eliminate the program to repair the irreparable damage to the Institution.

We may be seeing the last of the hard ass coaches, too many people worried about their feelings and making sure no one is offended, well that is so many of the times what lights a fire and gets a player to the next level.

That was quite a surprise. Given the comments about the man by RJ35 I thought he’d be making sure the ump didn’t hurt his arm calling the guy out, and inviting the kids to Disney World to cheer them up after a loss.

Now that’s the kinda guy I could see the kid playing for.

I didn’t have a problem with it, except in the locker room when he appeared to single out one player.
I personally would love a coach like this, and it would be benifitual for me… but I think most kids wouldn’t like this.
It’s his team. He probably doesn’t tend to try to pull in guys who seem soft, but rather hard nosed kids who can take his style.
Just my opinion.

You know, my feeling on this is that no one deserves to be spoken to this way unless he is a hardened criminal maybe. I realize he is most likely doing this for effect and to light a fire that he feels may need lighting - and if that is the case, then the whole show is actually quite comical; and the players probably viewed it that way as well. (I actually enjoyed the video; very entertaining - I watched it 4 times!) That being said, if this is the way he behaves on a regular basis, I have a problem with it. These are intelligent collegiate athletes he is speaking to and no amount of yelling and cussing will motivate most of them. His behavior was demoralizing and if he really was just flying off the handle I would hope that when he watched that back he was ashamed of himself.

Maybe he was speaking the truth when he was blaming himself and if that was the case he has no business taking it out on his players - he needed to figure out how to better prepare his team for the outcome he expected. And with all of that being said, sometimes a team just does not play their best or they just come up against a pitcher who was lights out that day or the opposing team came up with a few timely dinky hits and you lose - it happens, get over it and move on.

I realize he is a winning coach and I know for many that is all that matters, but I know my son couldn’t play for a person who behaved like that on a regular basis. He thrives on being told he has done a good job when he has done so and he learns from his mistakes when they are pointed out to him - that is called instruction and positive reinforcement and I believe more kids would respond well to that rather than being berated and belittled.

Just my opinion.

Woody Hayes…
Bobby Knight…
Some you want your kid there huh?

That one great 169 pitch outing…takin it for the old man…why if he was in the army he’d win the MOH AND I bet given those circumstances I would have done and thought the exact same way…he is a winner…and perennially a winner. Not just everyone plays for those guys or played for them, Augie will flame out just like they did…the world will only deal so long with it…hes really kinda lucky it is baseball and not football or hoops where he could be costing BIG money with his style. I think though that my kid would have to convince me that Tx. was his dream and show it with the hard work and unbelievable dedication to get the GPA and level of athletic superiority to actually deal with being a Longhorn or Gator or plug in your constantly high ranked schools.

Did anyone watch the clip all the way to the end.

My son played basketball for a demanding coach. In a tourney semi game he did something that set the coach off. Benched him and screamed at him (not yelled) the rest of the game. Kid went out in the finials and kicked azz.

He was 11. When asked about it the kid responded “at least he cares”.

Edit… so I showed the clip to my kid and he shrugged. Stated “you do it to me all the time (minus the fbomb I hope)”. Never believed in shielding the kid from adversity/the bad things in life.

I guess I really got under Somebaseball dad’s skin. Didn’t mean to. I just have a different point of view. Don’t take it so personally. We’re just swapping ideas here.

Look people should realize that a few clips do not sum up someone’s whole philosophy or approach. I don’t think Augie Garrido would claim that he is perfect. But I would recommend before you praise or condemn watch the whole documentary, extra innings section as well. “Inning by Inning: Portrait of a Coach”. I’ve watched it many times. It is extremely well done, and great viewing if you are a real baseball fan. If you are a coach at any level, really watch it. The scenes of him yelling make for good tv but really pay attention to his philosophy and approach. One of his players made a point of saying in his 4 years in the program Garrido unloaded on the team maybe 6 times.

I like Bobby Knight, what I know if him. Saw him at a banquet honoring a coaching friend of his. 90 minutes of great stories and a very funny guy. Read “Season On The Brink”. Fantastic. It will give some perspective. He’s certainly not for everyone but I think some kids were better off having played for him. But I would not put Garrido in the Bobby Knight category. Like I said. Watch the whole thing. Extra Innings and all. Good Stuff.

Hes a good coach, and for everyone who wants to coddle their child this is why our country is becoming so weak. If you dream of your kid to play pro baseball youre going to meet quite a few people who behave like this and even worse. And you know what? Most of the players work hard and demand much more from themselves with this coaching style. I’ve played under numerous coaches and the weakest teams were the coaches who were soft spoken.

You seem somewhat preoccupied with “getting to” someone. I’m emotionally involved with my wife/kids. That about it. Certainly not things posted on an internet bulletin board by someone I don’t know.

You also seem to watch vids and then post like you know the person on a personal level.

I’m finding it hard to give much, if any, relevance to your postings.


Sorry if I offended you. Definitely not my intent. I thought we were just having a philosophical debate and when i read quotes from you like

“Given the comments about the man by RJ35 I thought he’d be making sure the ump didn’t hurt his arm calling the guy out, and inviting the kids to Disney World to cheer them up after a loss.”, and “I’m thinking breakfast at McDonald’s, followed by time around the piano belting out school fight songs and then a vigorous session of patty cake.” I assumed you were kdding around with me so I was having a little fun with it as well.

That’s the problem with forums, sometimes the tone of what is written can be misunderstood.

Not sure why you thought I was “pretending” to know people. I was quoting Maddux, Wooden, Knight, Garrido to support my opinion. If it was unclear for some reason, just ask and I would have told you that I have never met any of those people, (but was fortunate enough to attend a banquet honoring Dayton Baskeball Coach Don Donoher years ago and Knight was the speaker, if anyone gets a chance to see him speak well worth the time) just think they all have something to offer to people. But I do believe by reading what people have written in it’s entirety you get a better sense of their overall philosphy over cherry picking a couple of video clips or some bad moments in a person’s career.

Garrido does have a new book coming out for anyone who is interested.

Editorial review from amazon:

Product Description
August “Augie” Garrido has led his baseball teams to more victories than any coach in any sport in NCAA Division I history. He is also the winner of more National Coach of the Year awards than any other college coach. Garrido’s former teams at Cal State Fullerton and, more recently, at the University of Texas together have compiled a total of five College World Series championships under his leadership.

But despite his unmatched record as a winner, Coach Garrido is not a win-at-all-costs coach. He teaches his players to focus on developing character, being good teammates, mastering all facets of the game, and playing with joy in the moment rather than focusing on the scoreboard.

Augie teaches that the challenges faced in the batter’s box or on the pitcher’s mound are universal—and that the lessons learned on the diamond are applicable off the field, too. Life Is Yours to Win follows the coach’s journey of self-discovery and his evolution from being driven by fear to being motivated by passion. His unique and compelling book offers this revered leader’s philosophy on life and his thoughtful approach to helping young men understand both who they are and how they can be successful in their work, their relationships, and their communities. End

I think it’s a good thing to read books by and about successfull people. Even if you don’t always agree with them there is usually something to be learned from their approach in their chosen field.