ATTENTION! PROBLEM! Jake Westbrook article

Hello everyone ive been looking at this article for a while now and the first picture on the right doesnt seem to resemble a sinker like the article says. Here is the article:

please look at it and tell me if thats a sinker or not the first picture on the right of westbrook showing a grip it doesnt seem to fit his discription of a sinker.

its true he says he holds it like a 2-seam fastball and on the picture it’s like a weird curveball or something.

thinking about it the first grip is a cut fastball or a slider

so is it just a 2seamer? or do webb and westbrook do something special?

i believe a sinker as to spin from 2/7 angle to be effectivre and to dive usually sinkerballers have lower arm angle for that.

You want to stay on top of the ball and not cut to either side. That’s how I’ve been taught. To get a 2-seamer that breaks toward the same-side batter (and a little downward) you want to apply more pressure with the index finger.

During one of the recent playoff broadcasts they had John Smoltz on and he discussed how to throw Greg Maddux grips his 2FB. Your arm naturally prontates, and by adding extra pressure on your index finger you release the ball with a bit of pronation, which gives the pitch its characteristic movement.