Attending a Showcase at far less than 100%?

I played my final season game Thursday. I got hit by a pitch flush in the left scapula. It’s basically caused trauma to my left scapula, posterior deltoid and that region. It’s extremely stiff and even causes pain at certain points in my motion. I have no strength in external rotation movements and a few directions of pulling. I’ve been doing everything I can to help loosen it up, but I think it’s also a bad bone bruise as well.
That being said I think I can swing a bat, just not decelerate it well, I completely lost my bat while attempting to tough it out Thursday (we only had 9 players, no subs)

That being said, I selected to play in a 9 inning showcase game through our summer league this Saturday.

Is it better to play with a nagging injury and just try to tough it out?

I also don’t want to play poorly in front of what is expected to be over a dozen college coaches.

I’m kind of stuck in the middle because I think it’s an awesome opportunity for exposure (it free too) but making mistakes because I’m not feeling great looks poor as well.

I think it’s a game time decision at this point. I’ll take batting practice and get loose to see how I’m feeling. Probably pound down some Ibuprofen as well.

If I elected to not play I most certainly would still attend and planned on introducing myself to some coaches and talking to them a bit if possible.