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Some of you may not wear a cup because it is uncomfortable but what if you could wear the nutty buddy?!

I’m sold on it from the website. Has anyone out there tried it before?

I might get one.

Nutty Buddy

Looks like a solid product, and the video really sells it talk about putting faith behind your product!

Putting your nuts behind your product is faith. It’s a higher belief than anything ever before in existence, higher than religious beliefs or otherwise.

So very true!

That’s greatness right there. Get the nutty buddy!

i’m gonna

Haha, I read the newspaper article about this cup in the washington post yesterday.

I’m sold!

awkward post. Looks good to me

I just received it today! I’m going to wear it next time I pitch. I’ll tell you how it goes. It feels more comfortable than a normal cup.

I must say the nutty buddy is better than any other cup I’ve worn

its good somebody finally did something to the athletic cup