Athletic Rotational Injury

My son injured his back last August, did it during hitting training, we lost about 2 months of conditioning attempting to allow it to be treated and to heal. He had it flair back up just prior to his school season last school year (Feb), now his orthopod said that due to scar damage in the area, it will always have a susceptability to inflamation, he treated him with a cortisone shot. This doctor is of a high repute, (Treated the likes of Chipper Jones and Tim Tebo as well as Rick Wilkens). He said this is a fairly commonplace treatment for athletes at this level.
My question for this forum is what appraoch should he have in his lifting, he cannot comfortably do squats and other lower back intense work, outside of weighted lunges, and are there any arobic recommendations irt strengthening or compensating…his pt includes and included arobic ball flex stuff.

What was the original injury?

CASon just doesn’t do the squats, etc. since his injury and flare up. His flareup came primarily from doing hurdles sideways which was a prescription for re-injury but the kids do what the coaches tell them to do and I don’t really expect a HS coach to know that doing the hurdles that way was a potential problem.

Yes and the flare up happened the same way.


When I read your post, a specific strength and conditioning coach popped into my mind. Eric Cressey ( He will generally give great response to emails and such. I’ve asked him some various training questions and he provided me with great replies. Oh and if it means anything I haven’t purchased anything from him either, he’s just responding for free.

He’s big on rehabilitation and eliminating future injury, although he definately gets guys strong and prepared for their endeavors. One of his recent blog posts was about 38 year old adult baseball player and what do to for various nagging injuries.

He’s worked with baseball players, an article about the success and improvement some guys saw after working with him is here. I know he worked with a junior lefty who went from 80 to 88mph for his senior year.

I would recommend shooting him an email explaining the situation as I think he’ll give you a great and probably deep answer to your questions. Cressey seems to be the sort of guy that if he doesn’t have the best answer to your question he will refer to other S&C Coaches to see if they’ve had clients with a similar situation.

Hope this helps, and keep me posted on how it goes!


I’ll let you know how he responds. 8)
I really appreciate the help/advice.


I feel like something is wrong with this picture. Is what you’re asking not a question for your son’s ortho/PT?

“Is what you’re asking not a question for your son’s ortho/PT?”

Well of course this isn’t the first time this question has been asked, you know me well enough to know I’m not going to let an issue like this issue sit since last August unaddressed.
What I’m doing is working on a point that I’ve seen KC and Ibarber make in the past that baseball is behind in conditioning approach and technology. So I’m wandering around in the realm of those two looking for possible complimentery excercises or supplementation that can potentially assist in keeping the area from inflammation…and here goes Centerfield (Also one of the sites best researchers) coming with the good stuff… :lol: I always feel that hearing as much as you can, you my find the jewel no one else finds.
So your instincts are correct, but my motives are pure…rest well old friend.

JD, ask your son’s PT/ortho about fish oil pills. There have been numerous studies that show a general reduction in inflammation from EPA and DHA, both found in fish oil.

Ha! I started to say “something sounds fishy” but that sounded a little too accusatory so I changed it to “something is wrong with this picture”. After seeing KC’s reply about fish oil, I should have gone with my first instincts. :lol:

I was asking what the original injury was diagnosed as? You’ve probably mentioned it previously but I’m too lazy to go back and look.

Yeah definately bring up fish oil.

The amount of things it can benefit is rather astounding. Inflammation is definately connected to omega 3’s in a ton of studies. Almost everyone would benefit from a multivitamin and fish oil.

From many sources I’ve read it seems people are no longer questioning if fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids) are beneficial, rather it’s how many things will they find have benefit from it, as they discover more regularly.

This is a quote from Dr. Chris Mohr (nutrition buff and he’s big into training and lifting)

For example, a recent study published in Surgical Neurology supplemented individuals with 1100 mg of EPA/DHA. Most patients had degenerative disc conditions. After 75 days of fish oil supplementation, 60% of respondents reported significant improvements, including reduction in overall pain, and 59% were able to stop taking other pain medicine![/quote]
Really the gravity of that is huge, people pay thousands of dollars to chiropractors because of bad discs in their back. To improve them and even eliminate pain is astounding.
Also consider that many notable times of human development, people ate a lot of fish.

I take my fish oil before bed every night.

CaDad, I’m not the kind who could whip out the associted muscle group and speak with other than obvious ignorance so essentially his lower right back had a strain that only bothered him when swinging a bat or during his delivery, hejust could not (Please everyone forgive me) “explode”. A real crap injury if there ever was one.

Well I’d like to say thanks, the “Work Out Nuts Forum” is an absolute hidden treasure of this site the 3 of you ((KC,CF, Ibarb) might not be world renowned, but you are world class. :wink: