Athletic Ability

Are you born with it or can you work on your athletic ability?

I say you’re born with it, of course you can learn to be good at things but some people can just start something and succeed at it with ease.

Would you say a guy like CC Sabathia, be athletic?

There are many definitions of athletic… I would consider anyone at the pro level of their sport to be said athletic… But can he move fast and have good agility… probly not… But again being athletic means different things in different contexts… For pitchers it usually just means if you have good accuracy and a lively arm… I think

Check out Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates…the very definition of athletic.

“Talent is a gift to make working hard a little easier.”

Always work hard, never tell someone that they are talented. It’s an insult to some hard workers and gives those who ARE talented a big head sometimes.

I don’t believe i have any athletic ability, but i play a million sports none the less. It takes a majority of my time just to learn the basics. The sports i excel in, people tell me i’m just an average player.

Always work hard period.

Also isnt it that they are able to field bunts, cover 1st base etc?

cc is a real athlete, if you didnt know he played tight end in football in i think high school and got offered by some colleges for football.

If you’re really interested in the subject then I recommend a book titled “Talent is Overated” by Geoff Colvin. It may change the way you think about great performers and achievers and just how different they really are, or aren’t, from other people. I’m not saying this book has the definitive answer- just that it makes some very interesting comparisons between great performers in all walks of life- from Tiger to Mozart to Jerry Rice to CEO’s of various companies.

I don’t think you are born with it, you just develop it while growing up by hustling and being competitive.So if u didn’t like to move a lot when u were little that’s probably the reason for your un-athleticism.

Ps.CC is very athletic, he gets on and off the ground quick

JDelacruz said,

I respectfully disagree with the first part of your statement. And I wholeheartedly agree with the last part.

IMO you are definitely born with it. I grew up with a guy that was born with it. He threw harder than anyone his age, I never saw him make an error, and I watched him hit line drives off every high school pitcher we faced, to the tune of .767 batting average. He was a golden spikes winner in college, played professionally and wears two world series rings. He was equally talented in all sports.

Now I also know a few others who weren’t born with it. They worked their butts off and got to play professionally for the New York Yankees. It was very brief but they lived their dream.

So I think that the topic is not either / or. There are several factors going on simultaneously.

yeah, two perfect examples are 2 of the best second basements around.

Robinson Cano-talent-laziness-all star
Dustin Pedroia-Hard work and perseverance-all star

am i right?

Yeah, you are born with athletic ability. And athletic ability truly means being good at any sport, not just one. You look at most athletes in the pro sports today and they have atleast had it, most played multiple sports and excelled in them until college.

I believe that I was born with it. Played three sports in high school in soccer, basketball and baseball. I also tend to be pretty good at any other sport that I try.

But here is the thing, you wont be amazing in the sport unless you actually work hard in it. And yes, some of those guys who seem lazy do work hard at it.

btw: I also believe that athletic ability is purely a gift given by God.

Born with it, or acquired? I don’t know. But as a perfect example of it, watch Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte field his position. How many times have I seen him when there’s a runner on second, and the batter hits one back to the mound, and Pettitte grabs the ball and whirls and fires to third to nail that runner trying to steal the base? Or when he starts a 1-4-3 double play, as he did in the 1996 World Series? No wasted motion. He’s as smooth as cream, if I may use a somewhat overworked simile, and he knows—seemingly instinctively—just what he has to do to make the play.
That’s athleticism at its best. 8)

I plan on picking up my copy of Talent is Overrated. supposed to present a compelling argument why talent does not exist and about how 10,000 hours of practice seems to be the constant that all elite performers have in common.

I read Talent is Overrated about a year ago, It completely changed the way I trained and I’ve seen a lot of improvement since. It’s a great book!


That means that if some guy that can’t chew gum and walk at the same time puts in 10k hours of practice he’ll be a Roger Clements?

Talent alone without hard work won’t get you to the biggs, but neither will hard work without talent, sorry…

How do you know?
Have you ever made the bigs?
Do you really know what it takes?

Well, I knew a few guys who loved the game and had the desire and work ethic who aren’t big leaguers, nor did they even make it to the collage level.

Now, how many “lazy” collage or pro level players do you read about? You know, the player the announcer makes this kind of statement about,“he’s a good player, if he had a better work ethic he’d be a great player”.

IMO you just have to have a certain level of talent. A desire and willingness to work, while a positive, just isn’t enough.

If you look at “pitching for a living” as a tree, with God standing at the bottom shaking like crazy, I think it will get into perspective. There are many things that can get the leaves to fly off and go somewhere else, injury, girls, burn out, better aptitude for something else, peer pressure, parental pressure, there are also things that can keep us hanging on, speed, strength, discipline, desire, athletic ability, pure raw talent…etc etc…of all those things just having one of them may in the rare case get you there…but the more of those attributes you carry the better prepared you are to hang on all the way through. But God will be shakin the tree and many, many leaves will fall away.
Look for example at a guy like Mark The Bird Fydrich, if he didn’t do those million quirky things before he threw, he feel apart. He had size, he had speed, he had the stuff, but without his quirky stuff it didn’t matter. I would push the forum towards looking wider not thinner in our perspectives. It is an easy thing to try to nail one thing, pitching isn’t nor will it ever be…“One thing”. To get to upper levels you had better be as many of those things I threw out earlier as you can be.