Athlean X

Hey Guys,
Two questions -

  1. What do you guys think of the Athlean-X program for pitchers? I’ve been using the video Jeff Cavaliere posts and I’ve seen results within the first few weeks. For those of you who aren’t familiar with some of the workouts, here’s his link:
  2. If you guys look at the Washboard Wednesday workouts, particularly Part 6, Jeff “raises the bar” by doing a lot of hanging exercises targeting the lower abs. Whenever I do pullups (attempt I mean) or say hanging leg raises or knee raises, I always shake so much. Any advice? Thanks guys.

seems very bodybuilder oriented to me. Still, better than most of the stuff high schools are having their teams do. I gained 10 mph from freshman to sophomore years, lifting regularly. I had no idea what the hell I was doing, but the take home point is that if you’re still pretty young and not fully mature you’ll likely see results with any kind of program. If you’re seeing good results and staying injury free, keep it up.

That guy has some great videos on there.

I’ve purchased the system, I plan on following the lifting part of it while in season but I wouldn’t recommend this for an off season program if you’re trying to increase your strength. It’s not a bunch of waste of time exercises like leg press but it’s not really a strength program either. As Lanky said it’s more of a body building system to help you get an athletic look, it is helpful though because you do a lot of athletic training with agility ladders, and some cone exercises. The 12 week abs stuff is great though I’m just finishing up and I don’t have a six pack but I do have a lot of definition and I’m a lot stronger in my mid section.

Alright cool, Thanks ZW. But quick question for ya… For week 6, and actually every other week where you’re doing hanging work for the lower abs, I find myself shaking alot. Any advice?

At the time I didn’t have a bar so I had to replace those with other lower ab exercises but I have one now and shaking is just part of it, those are extremely hard to do and require a lot of strength.