At what age should pitchers specialize in pitching only?


I’m a fan of kids playing multiple positions. But for pitchers, this can pose problems – especially if you pitch 6 or 7 innings one day, and then play in the field the next where you’re required to make throws across the diamond from 3B or SS, or across the outfield. Even first base requires a decent amount of throwing.

What age do you think pitchers should think about specializing only on pitching? Or maybe not at all?


I think specializing in pitching seems to happen to you, more so than as a conscious choice. If you are a high school age, top talent, you are going to be used as much as possible. Any kid with that kind of talent isn’t going to say no to getting to play either. Kids that maybe aren’t the best athletically, but have a good arm and good command start getting used as pitchers only because of their limited skill sets. How well you can hit will determine how much playing time you get in the field. I think this is also true in some of the younger kids as well depending on the level of ball they are playing.


This sums it up nicely. If you can hit, you will not sit.