At-Bat Music

If played pro ball, what would you choose to be your at-bat music? Here are my top three from which I would have the guy running the music pick randomly from:

  1. The Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
  2. Do You Know Your Enemy? - Green Day
  3. Fanfare of a Common Man - Aaron Copland

Ok, it’s got to be something that comes out of the gate fast, no long lead in with acoustic crap…hmmmmm

Prepare to go back in time kid…

How about …The Trooper - Iron Maiden for obvious reasons to some… :twisted:

The Roots and BT - Tao Of The Machine

Not sure if I’d use a rotation or not. I’d try this one out the first 20 at-bats and see what happens. Then I’d start to split test a few.

Thanks Dino. You did something amazing. Finding an old band that actually plays rock. Thanks again, I’ll probably be at Best Buy tomorrow buying all their albums.

:guitar: :grins: :dj: :music:

Sweet, knocked off four new emoticons in one posting…

Dude, all of the best rock came from the 70’s. In fact, the best R&B and funk came from the 70’s too. :bighair:

It was the 80’s that ruined it all. :puke1:

when that bass line drops they know its bad for them!

i always like Meaning of Life by disturbed before games.