ASMI on elbow angle during ext. rotation

Thought people might like to see their response to my question as follows:

Their response:

Any thoughts?

Usually pitchers who have less flexibility will bring the hand in toward the head to try and make up for lack of external rotation. Just an observation, could be wrong.

[quote=“dm59”]Thought people might like to see their response to my question as follows:

Their response:

Any thoughts?[/quote]

I used to think that having the hand close to the ear, with the elbow bent roughly 135 degrees, was bad (and may have been related to Mark Prior’s problems). Then, after a lot of study, I realized that Greg Maddux and other successful, long-lived pitchers do this.

So too much elbow flex can cause injury while too little elbow flex is evidently safer but at the cost of effectiveness. However, as elbow flex is decreased, it seems likely to me that more stress is shifted to the shoulder so too little elbow flex might limit effectiveness AND it might not be safer.

Probably true.

I am not disputing what ASMI says but I feel that the hand slightly insiside the elbow at the high cock & the position of maximum external rotation allows the pitcher to apply force more directly down the target line. Pitchers tend to lead with their elbow when their hand is inside the elbow which allows for a more direct drive line and are less prone to yank the ball back into the target line from outside in. The pitchers who get to the high cock position with their hand outside ther elbow tend to sling the ball to the plate with a less direct drive line which IMO puts more stress on the anterior shoulder. The slingers can get it done, but it takes more effort.

Just focus on your mechanics and stick to the basics.

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So a injury to the Biceps tendon, any rupture, is called the SLAP tear?
or am I wrong?