Asking coach for a position change

Winter conditioning for high school ball is starting next week and I’d like to ask my coach if I could move from 1st to right field. I just don’t know how I should do it. This is going to be my first year on the Varsity team and I don’t want to sound like I want to do it for myself. But I hate 1st base with a burning passion and know I’d do better (and get more playing time) in right. I also have had some issues communicating with him in the past which have resulted in some heated arguments, which have had a negative affect on my playing time, so I don’t want to offend him because it was his idea to put me at first. Please help me

I have never hated any position in baseball more than I loved playing.

If you think you can approach your coach and ask if guys will have a shot to earn other spots you can do that. The fact that you have had conflicts with this coach before means he may very well have you pegged as an attitude case. It doesnt even really matter if it is true or not. If that is his perception it will be up to you to prove him wrong.

At this point I would advise you to work very hard this offseason, dont miss sessions for conditioning, work harder than everyone else, do what the coach asks, be respectful and if asked to play first during practice or drills do with as much energy, skill and hustle you can. Showing you care and you want playing time will get you your best shot at time. Arguing, complaining, displaying attitude will do nothing but show you the bench.

Mike—just what is it you don’t like about first base? :?:

First is a position I was put at last year and was never really able to adjust to it. Ground balls are not a specialty of mine and I feel like I would do better for the team in the outfield. There are also three guys in front of me playing first that all have more than a year of varsity experience, so I would never get to play 1st during a game. I just think it would be better for the team and myself if I switched positions.

A missed ground ball in the outfield can be a whole lot more damaging than one in the infield. If you were put at first, there must be a reason.

Are you fast enough to play outfield?

And do you have the arm to make the throws from the outfield? Could your coach be developing you at 1B for a year or two down the road when those other guys are gone? Lots of things to consider.

I’m not the fastest guy on the team but I have excellent range and tend to get good jumps on flyballs.

I have a pretty good arm that was tested a few times during summer ball. I threw a few guys out at first on hard ground balls and line drives. During long toss I’ve also gone from foul line to center a few times. As far as the guys in front of me, two are seniors and one is a junior that played varsity last year. There is also a freshman this year that will like come up next year. I just don’t see myself ever getting a chance to play in the infield and would do better out in right.

How well do you hit?

Every BASEBALL player should be willing to play any position offered. You get offered starting positions by being one of the best nine hitters on the team. Seperate yourself at the plate and you will find play time. Go quible to your coach about your position and you may not make the roster. Go OWN what ever position your coaches places you and become a better hitter. If you keep this attitude that you “hate” any position on the field you will soon find yourself in the bleachers watching.