Asking a girl to homecoming?

My schools homecoming is comeing up in a couple of weeks, what are some creative ways to ask a girl to homecoming?

Well, if she’s a waitress at your local bar and grill, when she gets to your table and says “ what would like to order?”

Ask her if she takes orders to go? If she say’s yes … politely say. “get your hat and coat – let’s go.”

ha. nice one coach. just go up to her and simply ask “will you go to the homecoming game with me?”. its just that easy lol.

Yeah the easiest way is just asking her to her face. But find a good time. Don’t go up to her and ask her then jsut leave. Find a time where you might have a class with her or some time. It depends too, do you hang out with her a lot? If you see her in class a lot then you should be good and able to ask her easily while still keeping it normal.

Do you think she’ll say yes or are you just asking some girl who you don’t talk to a lot?

Ya jsut like bower said ask it to her in person and dont let there be an awquard silence after she answers, if she says yes just say ok cool and just keep talkin to her.

Also, make sure that she is alone, don’t ask her when she has her other 8 girlfriends around. All you need in a confidance needed situation like that is 8 other girls giggling and laughing at you. (This happens regardless if the girl likes you or not, girls just always do that) Besides, it’s more personal and serious if you are alone anyways.

Well she said yes but her parents said no so I’m just going in a big group.

The she said yes part is really cool!
Nothing wrong with going with a group.
Good for you!

It’s ok dude, you caught a bad break. It’s great that she said yes but I’m sure that going with a group of people would be good too.

Well homecoming was a lot of fun till the after party were a girl had a stroke and is currently in ICU so if everyone could say a prayer for her it would be appreciated.

My prayers are with her.

Ooph :frowning: . My prayers are with her too.

Too bad, my ‘prayers’ are with her also.

(although I am an atheist so I wish her well)

Just an update on her. She has a cup and a half of blood in her brain and the doctors are waiting for it to drain on its own or they will drain have to go in and drain it. She might be paralized I dont know how much of her will be but when they took her to the hospital she was able to move her arms. The doctors dont know if it was all the excitement of the dance that caused it or if it was just gunna happen because she’s had I beleave luke’s desises sence first grade.

Jeez. Hope she gets better soon.

clock her with a frying pan and she wont be able to say no

i kid

aw man i just read that you all ready went. dont hit her with a frying pan now