Askam Log

Hey guys, not to sound like a guy that will ultimately fail, cuz I hate that word…its what drives me it seems in certain parts of my life. I hyperfocus into things alot…to an obsession i think. Until I master it or get bored.

So well track my progress as a 22yr old trying to become a good pitcher. I may never play beyond fun leagues but thats fine. Although Id love to become as much as my mind and body will allow.

Thus far, Ive been throwing 50-70 pitch sessions every 3 days. for a month. My accuracy is becoming better…my arm conditioning is questionable … my consistent mechanics are definitely questionable. Id hate to get in a habit and find out im doing it all wrong so i try not to get into a set thing yet. Ill work on that at College.

Right now Id like to somehow get to 85MPH, then reevaluate if i would be able to squeeze more out. I have no clue what i toss at now.

Ive thrown a Knuckle curve i think it is(where you curl the index finger…i didnt know it was a pitch i just thought of it) ive also tried a spiked curve but again i didnt know it was a real pitch til i saw Zambrono throw it a couple weeks ago haha. Amazing i feel like Im on to something. I dont see anything when i work on a slider but im not trying to hard cuz i dont wanna rush it. knuckle ball does nothing for me…maybe cuz i lob it too much…prolly takes more force to have movement. Ive been able to have a veering 4 seamer from time to time but ive been laying off that to work on plane 4seam accuracy.

Ill keep you posted.