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There seems to be new gimmicks every minute about differnet training tools. I was wondering if anyone has taken a risk on these. (IE the radar ball, Tom Emanski videos, Pitch To Win Target Trainer, Arm Strong Pro, Ball Spin Right Training Aid, or throwing targets)

OR anything else you can think of!!

I have used the easton throwing targets before and I hated throwing to a net. Just wondering if anyone else has any experience out there with these things or anything else.

i have the arm strong pro and use it about every day. i also just bought the radar ball but have not used it yet

I had a radar ball, it worded at times, it seemed to count the revolutions or something cause my curveball would come in much harder than the fastball.

I have a bushnell radar gun and really like it, you have to fact in cosine effect (angle takes of % of velocity) but other than that it’s great.

I’ve hit with thundersticks and enjoyed them, work pretty well.

The final thing I ahve worked with is weighted balls.
I love the set, and throw with them on regular basis (got mine from

I’ve looked at setpro system for a while but really think it’s to gimmicky, also looked at the pro power resistence hitting band but not really sure on that either

I want to know where you can get Fred McGriff’s mesh hat that he wears in all of the Tom Emanski videos that he promotes… just kidding. This is a good post, and timely for the holiday gift-buying/giving season.

The baseball spin right is a good tool to use to get feedback on your release point. It also helps to teach the proper release and wrist movement for all types of pitches.

If I got to see Tom Emanski one more tiem Im gonna get sick :slight_smile: :?