As a 15 year old what would could I have for a goal?

Right now I really don’t have a goal, my goal was to make the zone team, and the tryouts for that aren’t done yet(there still going to teh rest of the province to make it) and I don’t have one for speed to be truthful. What would be an ideal thing for a kid going into grade 10 be for the next season, speed-wise?

high 70’s and decent accuracy with decent change up/curveball

A fine goal for every 15yo is to reach 16yo. :lol:

Just look at where you are at today and ask yourself how much you would have to improve to move up a level and set that as your goal.

“I really don’t have a goal”

“my goal was to make the zone team, and the tryouts for that aren’t done yet”

Seems to me that you have set a goal, remember a goal isn’t like a Santa Claus thing, it is something you attempt to acheive. It appears you think you need to get faster, so what do we have? 2 goals. Now what it looks like is you’d like some suggestions on how to set about getting to where you are going…so lets look;

Goal A) Get faster
Goal B) Make the zone team

Things that you’ve done so far to get there…Well first you seem to be fact finding and doing a little brainstorming with us here so that in my opinion is an outstanding start and you are providing an honest assessment as to what you need to do and where you need to improve to acheive what you desire (Also an outstanding thing).
As to faster…Are you physically fit enough to “get” faster? Have you spent any time working on getting the conditioning and strength to throw faster? Are you sure that your mechanics can support throwing faster? How much time are you willing to spend on reaching this goal? How much time have you already spent trying to reach it? Can you increase the effort? What sort of sacrifices will you make to get there sooner? What is it worth to you?
Spend some time, think about the answers to these questions, once you have them, go ahead write them down, adjust your plan if you aren’t getting the results you want. Keep forging ahead and you will not only understand a key component of survival in an adult world but you will find yourself actually getting there.
Let us know we want to know how it all works out for you

Except I have nothing to do to make that zone team now, the tryouts are over, I’m just waiting to hear if I did or not.
And I’m working myself to get that goal, nearly every day, mon wed and friday are strength workouts/sprinting/off ball field stuff. tuesday and thursday and sometimes weekends=mound work/pitching/fielding/batting.
I’m more wondering what my velocity should be compared to other kids my age. Control for the most part I’m impressed with, I was having troubles for a while but i recently found out i just wasn’t locating the target soon enough and then alot of the mechanical problems i sometimes would have when I didn’t locate early enough, were do to not locating early enough.(haha, oh wow, sorry for the terrible punctuation, grammar, and spelling.)

i think for ur age u should b at around 70-ish but u dont wanna overthrow just for the sake of throwing hard. throw at the speed that feels comfortable and is good enough to get hitters out

I’m 15 as well, and my take on it is…

  1. DON’T OBSESS OVER VELOCITY. I used to hate hearing this, but after awhile it began to make sense. Look at Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Tim Wakefield… they stay in the mid 80’s range and are extremely successful.

  2. A good, strong fastball would be 70-75 mph, but only if you have excellent control… don’t sacrifice control for velocity. I only throw around 73-74, and I rarely have trouble getting hitters out, even last year in High School games, pitching as a freshman. Just hit your spots and keep the ball low.