Arsenal in order

This is my arsenal in order I would throw it
3)12-6 Curve-Sinker-Change-up

too predictable in myh opininon. you can throw a change-up after the curveball if you keep it away because the guy believes youll be coming back with the heat asnd when they are sitting change up after curveball that when you blow them away. you can go fastball at the knees for a strike then come back with 2 or 3 straight sinkers at the knees or sinker too low at the knees for a ball then a fastball at the knees for a strike

12-6 curveball for a strike then fastball up and in for a ball curveball for a strike and fastball away for a swing and a miss and i could go a long time like that. you just have to mix it up.

Fastball up and in
Fastball low and away changeup low and away
breakin ball low and away


By Count


4-Seam or 2-Seam Fastball-Curveball


4-Seam or Curveball


Curveball or 4-Seam


4-Seam, 2-Seam or Curveball


4-Seam (up and away) or Curveball or Change-up (low and inside)


Curveball or 4-Seam (outside corner)


4-Seam, 2-Seam


4-Seam, 2-Seam or Curveball


Curveball or 4-Seam

As you can see I throw a lot of 4-Seam fastballs and Curveball. Only in 0-2 or 1-2 counts will I throw a change-up and on “fast ball” counts I almost always throw a Curveball.

passive hitters

  1. fastball low and away 0-1
  2. changeup low and away 1-1
  3. fastball up and in 2-1
  4. fastball low and away 2-2
  5. knuckleball (for a strike lol) strike 3

aggressive hitter

  1. fastball low and away 0-1
  2. curveball low and in 0-2
  3. fastball up and in 1-2
  4. changeup low and away 2-2 (or strike 3)
  5. high heat strike 3

Well, I usually throw a knuckleball and then every now and then mix in another pitch, usually a fastball of some sort or even a curve.

Try not to throw the exact same conventional pitch in the same spot though, then people know when you like to throw a certain pitch. I’ okay with knucklers though because they are essentially random (hehe).

I dont have an extensive arsenal or whatever i have a two seam and four seam fastball, a circle change, and a slider that i use i’ve always figured the consistency of these pitches is enough for outs and so far i’ve been right.