Aroldis Chapman on Sports Science

Sorry if this has already been posted, but I found this to be too interesting not to share. It’s Sports Science looking at Aroldis Chapman and his motion. Basically, they crunch a few numbers and show what it means. There’s no in depth look at how it really correlates to velocity, but it does provide a nice insight on how Chapman works.

Figured you guys might like it.

Bucs solve Chapman in extras to take series


Haha, I know. Bad timing to post a video about how unhittable Chapman can be, and then have a team score the go ahead run off of him a few moments later. But they did have him slow down to around 99-100. Which is ridiculous to think about.


I sent you a PM

Thanks a lot for the pm, a reply has been sent.

Since this Sports Science video on Aroldis Chapman has seem to stirred so much interest (and with the fear of venturing too far off topic), has anyone seen any other Sports Science videos or videos of that ilk?

That’s the whole point of this section of the forum, no worries.

But to answer your question I haven’t, I’m sure there’s some interesting stuff out there though.

I just saw a video on YT of an NFL WR getting beat in a footrace by a lama. Not exactly sure how that involves the science of sports, but it was entertaining.

Are you sure it wasn’t an ostritch? :o