Aroldis Chapman 105 mph fastball

yea you read it right he was clocked at 105 mph and sat at 103 with a 90-91 mph slider in his 1 inning of relief work striking out 3 if you dont know who he is he is a prospect for the reds who will be getting the september call up.

Thats a very very impressive number and its legit

i know couldnt believe this. hes playing for the AAA bats. that slider must be nasty. i wonder their going to call him up on the first. (roster expansion

If that guy isn’t careful—if he doesn’t add a few other pitches to his repertoire and mix them up—his arm is going to fall off. :roll:

all I have to say is ZOOOOOOOM!

thats some serious gas.

I heard in an article that the hardest a pitcher could possibly throw is 107 mph and at that mph the arm literally flies out of its socket.

But I think that research may be wrong. I mean your using a dead subject who has really ever thrown a baseball. I’m just wondering what if you used a person who had played baseball, and could throw hard? Like say (and I honestly hope this doesn’t happen) some guy like CC Sabathia just drops dead (again really hope this doesn’t happen, I mean no harm to CC). What if by some circumstance they could test that on his arm. Would they have the same effect. Or would his arm be built up enough to the point where it could throw that velocity without injury?

It’s unbelievable that someone can throw a legit 105. I’ve seen alot of tiger games with verlander and zumaya where they’ve hit some 100’s and zumaya even 102, but these were on tv guns. We all know these can be monitored and inflated. That picture of the 105 is on a legit Stalker Sport. Unreal indeed.

Someone missed a fantastic opportunity to predict that a pitcher would hit 105 mph on a stalker on the Crazy and Outrageous Predictions thread. How ridiculous would that have sounded??? Opportunites are out there fellas…don’t let them slip by. :shock:

Chapman hit 103mph tonight.

i think the calibration might of been off. but after seeing him in his debut. its believable. he hit 102 and 103. sitting on 99 98. and a slier 87-89. its incredible. they could use him in the playoffs. but they will have to send someone down. the roster expansion cant go on to playoffs

Will he stay at 99-103 though? Look at Strasburg. All the hype of the infamous triple digit fastballs and other then his first start or two he was sitting 94-97 this season. I’m not dissing Strasburg he is a great pitcher… but maybe Chapman would be more successful staying in the bullpen. Imagine how dominate of a closer he could be! Just a thought…

Since he is a reliever now, he can really just come in and chunk for an inning and be fine. I personally would be scared to step in the box, like aaahhhhh!!

I mean in the future. I’m sure the Reds have plans for him to leave the bullpen next year and become a starter, then his velo would most likely drop. He could possibly hold his velocity if he became a closer. Oh and I would be a little nervous facing him as well, idk about scared though lol ;p

i personally agree and love the idea of him being a closer. Like seriously he would be unstoppable. And he could pitch maybe a few times a week for a save situation instead of starting one game.

Honestly would you rather watch a guy like chapman come out and throw absolute gas for 1 inning maybe 2-3 times a week. Or rather have him go 7 innings throwing the first few innings gas and then maybe slowing down.

I personally love the idea of him being a closer.


I like him as a closer too, you don’t see lefties with 96+ stuff, but before we give him a spot in the hall of fame, I would like to see him in 5-10 appearances and then figure out if he has all that. You know big league hitters can time a 747 if they had to, it just takes time for the hitters to see the pitcher enough times.

frankly, i dont think you can ever get comfortable against 100+ mph pitches, you can hit it but you cant be consistent with it. its just too much and that slider is just too good to do anything about it. seriously, chapman needs to stay a relief guy, hes a juiced up version of what randy johnson was in his prime, this is such a letal closer in the making, dont blow the guy out like strasburg, but thats just my take in this, plus, they said he had big time control struggles until they moved him to the relief role so this is maybe just where he belongs, i hope they dont turn him into an other sad chamberland…

100 plus from a lefty=extremely impressive.

I agree,let’s see his staying power before we send him to Cooperstown.I do like what we have seen so far though.

BTW,does anyone have a link to some xxslo-mo video of his delivery?