Army pitcher 6'3 230 looking for college baseball

I am currently in the Army and do not get out until Novemeber of 2010. I am a LHP 6’3 1/2 and 231lbs. I throw a moving 2 seam fastball, 4 seam fastball, a curve, slider, change up and a knuckle curve ball. My fastballs have been clocked at 83- 86 MPH. I have yet to play college baseball ever so I am pretty much eligable, though I have asked a few junior colleges for advise and all i get is I am too old at 27 wanting to become a freshman in college. Any advice ? [

I’m sorry this sat for so long.
Thank you for your service to our country.
I’m thinking that maybe you ought to consider trying out professionally. An upper 80’s fb ain’t bad for a lefty.
Advice? I’d go to a pitching coach, you need some work, imo you are leaving mph’s on the table. I would clean up the mechs, develop some velocity with some momentum generation and I’d try the heck out. As far as college…I don’t know of age requirements.
You do have a solid body, it will gain attention.

This is a double post that’s already been answered. See thread here:

Should I add in more pitches or no ? I am looking into playing winterball here where I am at. My pitches are as follows, 2 seam fastball, 4 seam fastball, change up, curveball and slider. I want another pitch but not to sure what to add.

No way … waste of time. And If I were you, I’d just focus on the slider or curveball, not both. Which one is better for you?

You really need to build functional strength so you can get your fastball hopping a little more if you really want to get a serious look by pro scouts. Adding another off-speed or breaking pitches won’t help your cause at all. Get to 90 mph with your fastball … which means you need to be throwing it!

At your size you should be able to refine the mechs and get ther really…but getting on a program to get you stronger never hurt anyone. Stay at it.

I tihnk its 50/50 I will try to upload a video of the curveball being pitched but I hold it as a knuckle curve and I know when thrown right it will hang high then land at the hitters feet and just tumble down and in to a righty. The slider seem to explode at the end and come into a right handed hitter. It does make a good pitch because my 2 seam fastball moves down and away so much they are off balance.