How do you teach/enhance arm speed?

train the muscles to work faster… thats the obvious… the answers various based upon your source.

overload/underload traing (weighted balls), reaction drills, throwing consistently @ 95% effort (game speed) as often as appropriate. long tossing. “quick catch” etc…

really anything that is going to test/challenge/develop the arm to push itself to reach new limits.

On a side thought, make sure you dont bulk up or focus on training that could take it the other direction.

One thing—you have to get the whole body into the action and not just throw with the arm and the shoulder. This si something I call “THE SECRET”, which I learned many moons ago from watching how the Yankees’ Big Three pitchers did it. They drove off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion, and this was how they generated the power—and the speed, at least for two of them—behind their pitches (Ed Lopat was not a fireballer); also, in doing this, they took a great deal of pressure off the arm and the shoulder so they could throw harder with less effort. I picked up on that and started working on it on my own, and as I practiced this essential element of good mechanics I found that I was doing the same thing—throwing harder with less effort. And not a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore elbow or a sore anything else in the bunch!
It helped that I was a natural sidearmer. 8)

Work the core and trunk muscles, the quicker you are able to turn the trunk the faster the arm speed ie. more velocity.

I have done underload over laod and had god success with it. Which weight balls would you suggest? Ive donw 4-6oz then ive also done 21,14,7,oz, 4 oz series.

Zita: the problem i have is i get the hips going good at the lop of the lift towards the target but i dont stay closed with hips as long as id like but the leg drive gets all the way out there and also mmy elbow climbs well above my right shoulder, however i think my lower is being used well but i dont understand how i get my in that wrong position and why my torso falls over the rubber so much. Anythoughts?

Towel drill

You need to get together with a good pitching coach who can and will work with you to solve the problem of your upper half flopping all over itself. Also—what sort of arm slot do you have? Ordinarily I don’t advocate changing an arm slot, but you may need to make some kind of adjustment in that area, so that your elbow stays on a level with your shoulder and thus you can avoid injury. 8)

Yes, I would agree with Zita, good pitching coach is first and most important, if you want something to work on your own with to correct this, check out hersheiser drill on youtube.

Buwhite: the hip drive is there im getting back leg all way extended when front foot touches down and front leg braces up well. What im seeing as i watch the video again is my glove arm is too arm low and causes throw arm to hyperabduct above the shoulder. Any ideas on how to change the glove and throw arm problem?

Another note: when you pitch should you have to tell ur self to throw the ball or should i just focus on building most torque with my hips and core as possible and the ball will just come out?

You can’t focus on release, it has to be natural and without thought, focus your eyes on location, focus your thoughts there too and just throw the ball.

With respect to the glove side mechanics, I am trying to get my son to do a video tonight of his bucket drill with I think can help in your situation, it focuses just on leg mechanics and glove side work. I will have to wait till he has his homework done though.

Ok here it is, not the best, we didn’t do it while it was nice outside but in the garage after dark, well here is his bucket drill. It’s really great to work on getting the proper leg action as well as solid glove side mechanics.

Buwhite I threw for the 1st time in 23 days monday and pitch a pen today and i was throwing about 3-4 mph harder. However my core was really sore because i was really throwing with it doy ou have any drills to work on keeping core locked longer and be more consistent with it? Also what are your thoughts on shortening stride from78 inches to about 70 inches? When i shortened up a lil bit i felt more explosion with my core staying locked better.

I’m not totally sure what you mean by locked, if you mean that all your muscles are working together then trying the bucket drill could improve those issues. Seeing your videos from the past and how hard you throw I don’t doubt that you would be sore after not throwing for a month, it’s going to be natural, it’s good to hear that your velocity is up.

Why did you take that time off?

Now on shrotening your stride, I don’t think this is a good idea, I have always believed that the longer the stride length the better pitcher you can be, first if you are at 78 inches vs 70 inches, your release point to home is 8 inches shorter and therefore your speed to home is that much quicker even if your velocity is not higher. Also it makes your accuracy that much easier to control based on that you are just that much closer to home.

Finally your feeling of shortening up gives the “feeling” of being more explosive but does it really turn into velocity or more control or what. What do you base it on, were you gunned when you shortened up or what. Our preception of what is happening is not necessarily what is happening, so I wouldn’t go changing stride length just for what I might be feeling. 78" stride is huge, I would work with it and find the explosiveness within my current stride.

When i say by locked i mean at foot strike my leftshoulder is still at the target and my chest is at 3rd base (torqued). I dont know if there was an 8 inch differnece but when i didnt force my stride i felt like i was locked in on target and more dynamic. Im coming off shoulder issues but it feels better than ever and my wholde body is actually sore for once instead of just the shoulder.

My instructor says my problem is the arm is late and elbow drops sometimes. I feel he is right because i tend to elbow ift alot instead of throw like i do when i warm up which is traditional throwing method. Any drills to fix arm action?

Arm action should work down and up to 90 degree angle so if you would keep your back to a wall or cage while you are in your stride, work on breaking your hands ending with the glove or elbow forward and ball in a 90 degree angle with the ball facing between 3rd and 2nd base, do this by breaking your hands and bringing the glove side fwd and the ball down and around brushing your right leg before coming up (right leg if you are a righty).

Some of these drills may seem a little remedial for a pitcher at your level but they work on very movement in a pitchers delivery and can improve small mechnics that might otherwise be overlooked. I have had pitchers at 17 and 18 use these drills as well as my 14 yr old son that you have seen doing the bucket drill earlier. He works these small drills when he feels something is a little off, instead of finding the issue he just works his drill mechanics and the issue goes away…teaches his muscles the right way again. Why focus on the negative, just do the positive.

I now understand what you mean when you say locked, have you tried the hersheiser drill, really works to help you stay closed?