Arms out like a T

yeh when you pitch after you take your steps are your arms supposed to come out like a T

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “after you take your steps” but my suggestion is that you browse the videos of the pros on this site and see first hand. If you mean that the arms are both outstretched and straight, I’d say that you’ll not find it in the pros and, if you happen to, it would not only be rare but it would be for just a fleeting moment and really not a significant event that one should think about.

It’s something like the “point your glove at the target” cue that shows up every now and then on this site. My questions are always “when” as well as “why” and “who actually does it”? I’ve yet to see it used for any constructive purpose.

Although I agree in essence with what dm59 posted I do believe you see it a fair amount in the pros. You can see Weaver in the clip below and Oswalt I believe does it. In keeping with what dm59 noted one person who will surprise some who does it for only a fleeting moment is Billy Wagner.

my coach tought me top bring my glove up and kind of like flick the catcher in the nose (you no wat i mean). bring your arm back and throw.

Get this T Postition when you bring your leg forward to realease your ball split your arm and throw.