Arm Whip?

I’ve posted a few videos on the forums and many people have said that my elbow is in front of my hand therefore I have no arm whip, lose velocity, and increase my chance for an elbow injury.
So when I tried to incorporate it into my mechanics, my elbow actually started to hurt. Is this normal since I’m bringing something new into my mechanics or should I just go with my old mechanics without the arm whip?
Thanks to anybody who can help!

And also, are there any pitchers in the Major Leagues that actually don’t use arm whip?

Just what arm angle are you using when you throw the ball? It may be that your natural delivery does not include this so-called “whip”, and if this is the case you might be risking serious injury by trying to incorporate this action into your delivery. For the time being at least, you should stick with what you do naturally and don’t worry about it. The arm “whip”, by the way, is perfectly natural for sidearmers, especially those who use the crossfire extensively (the way Ewell Blackwell used to do). 8)

When I pitch naturally, I have about a 1 o’clock arm slot but when I try to incorporate arm whip then the arm slot changes to 2-3 o’clock.

Stick with what’s comfortable for you. One thing you don’t want to do is risk throwing your arm out by changing angles in midstream, so to speak. You’re throwing at a high 3/4 angle, and if it works for you, stay with it. 8)

Arm action is genetic. DO NOT EVER CHANGE IT. I HAVE TRIED AND GOT NO WHERE. You can gain velocity by simply increasing your tempo and momentum towards home which leads to a later hand break. which causes your arm to be quicker. which leads to more velocity. No arm action is worse then another, it is bad if you try and change it.

Exactly what I’ve been saying all along!