Arm Tired, Velocity Dropping after first inning

I know that my problem is that I am throwing all arm, but i can’t seem to find that key to utilizing my entire body when i pitch.

Any tips as far as how I should be using my legs to enable my arm to “whip” the ball?

Loose arm don’t move it purposely and drive with your legs, and stay closed. Thats just the easy stuff

torque your trunk forward

No simple nswer to this. Your legs have to get you moving with some good momentum. Solid mechanics will allow you to have the timing to stay closed and rotate late. Posture issues, glove side instability, etc. will destroy your timing causing you to rotate early and throw with all arm.

The safest place to start is separation. Make sure you are separating your back hip from your back throwing shoulder before your throwing shoulder fires to the glove. The key to making this happen is leading with your hips, develop some good momentum and pinch your scapula to hold your throwing shoulder back.

The purpose of separation is to build torque in your core. Without good separation of your hips to shoulders you are putting most of the torque in your shoulder and elbow. This causes decreased velocity, arm fatigue and even injury. Best of luck!

I believe that other issues can still destroy timing even if one scap loads. I also believe scap loading should happen on its own without having to consciously pinch the shoulders together.