Arm strength?

i am trying to get back to pitching shape since i havent played in a couple years. i have lost a lot of velocity on my pitches due to muscle memory loss(so i have heard)

i am using the towel drill to perfect my mechanics, but i need to get my arm, shoulder, back as strong as it used to be.

i really have no one around me to throw with, which is making this way harder than it should be

other than long toss or throwing, is there any other way? i doubt it, but maybe there is something else that i can do.

Look in the pitching articles and there is an article about jobes. They are used with light dumbbells 5lbs or less. they strengthen your rotator cuffs. Once i got introduced to this i saw my arm strength increase big time and my injuries decrease as well. Id try it out. :wink: