Arm Strength?

Ok I mainly play outfield and my season just ended today. I was wondering how often and how much i should throw over the offseason to increase my arm strength? I threw one kid out at 3rd today, but i think i should’ve atleast thrown 3 kids out.

3 times a week, do long toss

You should be throwing 6 days a week, if you’re really serious about developing a wicked arm.

I agree with kenja… three times a week you should be long tossing back to 150/200/300 feet. The other days, you should be throwing back to 120 feet just to get the arm loose.

As an outfielder you absolutely want to throw 100% on a line. Scouts could care less hos far you can throw if it’s not on a line because in the pros you need to hit the cutoff man or throw through the cutoff man every time, no exceptions.

So make sure you long toss on a line!

alright. thanks for the help