Arm soreness

Hello everyone i just got done throwing in the gatorade summer championship 16/17u super NIT tournament in morganton north carolina and i threw a lot of innings prob about 10 or 11 this weekend but usually throw 12 which is the limit for the weekend. We have played in the high AAA and Major division for the entire summer and this fall including 2 east cobb tournaments and 2 diamond devils tournaments and i had a question about my elbow being sore after i pitch. It just seems everytime i pitch the inside of my elbow starts to bother me the next day after i pitch. ill give u an example of where it hurts; if you told u right arm out palm pointing straight up and look at the left side of the elbow you see that little thing that looks like a ball sticking out of your elbow that is where the pain is and also right under there too any advice?

Sounds like it’s time to take some time off and let it rest. If you haven’t had any time off yet this year, then you should probably shut down for a good 8 weeks. After that, start up slowly.