Arm soreness 12yo Lefty - Are mechanics an issue?


First time posting. Thanks in advance for any and all feedback. My son has been experiencing arm soreness in the bicep and tricep area during and after nearly every practice so far this spring. We live in Wisconsin and have only been practicing a few weeks, and have 1.5 hour practices 3-4 times per week. We have not played any games yet, spend 30 min stretching and warming up each practice and in my opinion have been pretty conservative with our throwing. This is a similar practice process we have used in past years but has never complained about pain.

I had him throw a couple pitches so we could see if his arm soreness was a result of his throwing mechanics.

We would really appreciate any feedback that would A) reduce arm soreness and B) Improve his pitching mechanics. Thanks.

If the pain is truly in the bicep and tricep only, and not in the elbow or shoulder, it is likely a muscle issue, probably from throwing “too much too soon” after a long period of throwing inactivity. Your son should do a preseason throwing program for several weeks before each season to make sure his arm is strong enough for the rigors of a baseball season. Here is one: PITCH SMART PRESEASON THROWING PROGRAM If your son’s pain does not improve, have an orthopedic doctor trained in sports medicine check him out.

Hes all arm out there, try to make him keep his shoulders square with first base longer before throwing. When this starts getting natural, work on his leg lift as it is useless because he doesn’t start moving his hips forward before his leg starts going back down. You should clearly see it especially in slow motion

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check out Jake Arrieta mechanics. See how early his hips start forward compared to your son. An other thing to note is how the ball Somehow shows the ball to third base when he takes it out of his glove but jake him shows it right to the ground and that’s maybe very little but it does add some unwanted stress to the arm for no reason. A bunch of guys do that try breaking that habit as soon as possible.

Thanks for the feedback and for the pitch smart resource. That is very helpful.

I had Wes watch and compare the Arrieta mechanics to his own. It was very helpful for him to see what is meant by “showing the ball to third”. He also noticed how his shoulders are pointing down compared to Arrieta’s. I have really left the pitching mechanics work to other coaches but feel it may be helpful to work with him a little bit myself. Do you have any other mechanic related resources you think would be helpful? Thanks so much for your time.

If i had anything helpful for you right now to say is DONT ADD UP ANYTHING TO WHAT HE JUST UNDERSTOOD what I mean by that is that he just watched that clip and he got some stuffs. if you try to add up to that right away you’re taking the fun out of it. Wait until your son really gets comfortable with what he understood that will make him feel like he’s part of the work and really at that age he’s in no rush. Post again when he’s worked out a little bit

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This is honestly the perfect response @south_paw you commented on my other post, and my dad says I built up to quick. I never really “built up”, I’d throw from flat ground at home and this year we rented a mound and went right to mound throwing, that’s where I screwed up my arm. It’s truly pain in the bi/tri and any idea how long it will take to get better and what to do? I’ve done light throwing while catching bullpen and fielding at workouts, nothing too strong or harmful.