Arm slot

ok i may be the only person in the world that is onfused about this but like, what is the 3/4 slot? i dont exactly know were the arm is on this one…is it like between over the top and sidearm?

Have you checked this thread here?

If not go there and read it, I think you will get it.

But to make it simple it’s like throwing from a 45º angle. Like you said, between the Overhand and Sidearm. Think of a sidearm throw the arm would be at 180º. On the Overhand it would be 90º. On the 3/4 it would be at 45º.

simply put…yes, there is a high 3/4, a regular 3/4, and a low 3/4 however.

The important thing to remember is that you should find the arm slot that is most comfortable for you and that enables you to pitch effectively. And once you have found it, stay with it, and don’t let anyone try to change it. I have seen a lot of pitchers fall by the wayside because some coach who thought he knew better tried to do just that—usually tried to get that pitcher to throw straight overhand just because it looked so spectacular! That way lies disaster. 8)