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Hello everyone i throw relatively three-quarters so ive been told and throw low 80’s as a 15 year old turning 16 in november but i always seem to have problems with being sore in my inner elbow/ upper forearm area and it just seems after i watch pedro martinez or anyone else who throws 3/4 doesnt ice that area of their arm after they have pitched a game but does their arm ever hurt their?

The pain in your arm can not be directly pin pointed to your 3/4 slot. The pain could come from several other wind up related triggers.

It’s too hard to be helpful with the information presented.

Can you upload a video?

Hey Huskey"
Tough question you posted about elbow & arm pain. I agree with the post by Murf. Could be mechanics or your throwing too much. Just a suggestion here but why don’t you jump into the Steve Ellis Blog and send him the question about the elbow/arm pain, I’d bet he’s talked with a lot of sport doctors and he could probably answer your question for you and suggest what you should do to help your arm. Good Luck .
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Huskey has asked about his pain in multiple threads and received a number of replies including one with some links to some good articles describing “pitcher’s elbow” (which is a strain or slight tear of the tendon attaching the MCL with the pronator muscles in the forearm). At a minimum he needs to shut down and let the arm rest for 6-8 weeks. But, according to another thread, he continues to pitch. He also needs to be seen by an ortho.

Huskey, you need to take care of that arm. Don’t sacrifice the future.