Arm Slot

Ok so the thing is ive been throwing at 3 quarter angle since i was probably 5 and im 15 now. I have pretty good accuracy and command of movement. A few months ago i decided to start long tossing over the top because in my mind it would strengthen my shoulder quicker. Then i threw a few bullpens over the top and felt good and my velocity was up. After about 3 months of switching to over the top my elbow started bothering me a bit wich never happened with my natural arm slot.
My questions are if anyone thinks i should start throwing long toss at 3/4 which ive never done. And also should i switch back to 3/4 for pitching shortstop and centerfield? I feel i have developed mechanics well enough to take it easy on arm stress as well along with workouts. Thanks in advance

There’s an old story about a guy who went to the doctor and said to him “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.” The doctor replied, “So don’t do it!” I was thinking about this as I read your post, and so my suggestion to you is this: if your arm, or shoulder, or whatever you throw the ball with, is bothering you when you throw over the top, don’t do it. Go back to your natural delivery, which apparently is 3/4, and stay with it—not only will you be more comfortable, but also you’ll be more effective because it’ll be easier on you. Many pitchers use the 3/4 delivery with excellent results, and so can you. :baseballpitcher: