Arm Slot

does different kinds of arm slot have to do anything with injury?
Say if one throws more sidearm is he more prone to injury rather than over the top? I’m a 3/4 and Everytime i long toss of throw in general my ball tends to tail inside…My brother keeps telling me get on top, get on top…that the way i throw thats why my arm always keeps hurting, Its getting pretty annoying and I keep thinking all hes saying is BS. We had a argument today and I got really pissed at him…He thinks he knows everything, and i think its pretty lame that i post this on here, but I just have to get this off my mind…

Hey Natalio,

Your brother is just trying to help, but he’s heard a lot of bad information about arm-slots. No surprise there, a lot of people say the same kinds of things your brother is telling you. Doesn’t make it right, but…“get on top” is probably a record-holder for the most-repeated, least meaningful advice a pitcher will hear.

Anyway, ask your brother to watch this clip:

Then ask him to tell you which of those highly successful MLB pitchers has a bad arm-slot. If he’s your older brother try to be respectful while you get your point across. If he’s your younger brother try to be tolerant of him.

Its my older brother, and it got to a huge argument in front of his team while I was playing catch…He told me that i need to stop talking to him like hes crazy, but i get mad when he tries to act like hes my dad…Oh well im over it now

My advice, for what it’s worth, is simply this: Whatever the arm slot that’s most comfortable for you and enables you to pitch effectively without risk of injury, stay with it, and pay no attention to what everyone else is trying to tell you. I said this once in another post—“What’s sauce for the goose is not necessarily sauce for the gander”, and that certainly holds true for arm slots and arm angles. I myself was a natural sidearmer, and in my considered opinion this is the most natural arm slot of them all. So whatever works for you, stick with it. :slight_smile:


As long as you and your brother continue to work out together, this same kind of thing could come up again. Have a strategy for dealing with this in the future because you can’t choose who your brother is and blood is thicker than water, you know?

You’ve seen my kid’s arm-slot, right? Despite having very poor results against your Ports, his arm-slot works for him and that’s how he has conditioned himself to throw. He couldn’t just suddenly decide to change his mechanics and “get on top” without months (or more) of focused reconditioning.

Nevertheless, you can probably imagine how many coaches and other players have told him to change…people just make stuff up as they go: “Sidearm is injurious”, “Throw over the top”, “Never throw a slider 'til you’re 16 yo”, etc, etc, etc.

Get used to it. People will give you advice for as long as you pitch, and they mostly mean well. Your brother may have limited information, or bad information, but you need to believe that his heart is in the right place.

So, a really good pitching coach taught my son how to deal with all of the well-meaning people who wanted to change him:

First, it’s easy to deal with bad advice from people who aren’t very important in your life: Smile at them, say “thanks for that tip, I’ll definitely work on that” and then go about your business as you see fit.

Bad advice from your older brother is different–he’s your brother and you don’t get to choose a new brother just because you don’t agree with him.

Try this: Avoid arguing with him in front of others–nothing shows up an older brother like publicly diss’ing his bad advice. Confrontation probably doesn’t help for something like this. Instead, just between yourselves, tell your brother you respect his advice but you just don’t feel right when you change your mechanics. Avoid public situations where you can kind of predict that this argument is going to come up again…play catch with other guys on the team, who won’t feel as though they can order you to do what they think is right.

A very funny Clint Eastwood line from “Dead Pool”: “Opinions are like a**holes…everybody’s got one.”