Arm Slot = Why did mine drop?

Ok I’ve been doing a lot of research as my spring season is over and my summer season is less competitive, giving me more time for bullpens. When I played this fall I was throwing pretty high over the top and now that I’ve done the research I wanna know why I dropped down to side arm.

Possible Causes:

#1 Did shotput over the winter, lots of working out, benchpress, shrugs and heavy weights with not a lot of back work looking back on it. I feel like I might have bulked up the shoulder a little too much losing the ability to throw from higher.

#2 This winter, I rented a mound at a training session for 6 sessions, I never did anything but throw flatgrounds prior to the season and I didn’t know about building up. I did have videos of my second mound session after initially starting to get some shoulder soreness. Shut it down for 2 weeks, felt alright and went back 1 more time before tryouts. My arm felt better over the year and I was low 3/4 this session from a few videos I have but than dropped more. Now when I pull it down hard, I can feel something moving but nothing is making a sound. I feel no pain throwing from any arm slots and don’t know if I could’ve been hurt from overuse once.

Not sure anymore, any other ideas and how to fix this?