Arm slot story

We played with a different TT at a tourney last week. During the last game one of the coaches came over and struck up a conversation while my son was on the mound. So he says " how in the world did you teach that kid to throw a ball like that?" Wicked he called it. (He throws at a 3/4 slot or so, not quite sidearm but close) My reply was I didn’t teach him to throw like that as much as I didn’t stop him.

I have this site and a few of you poster to thank for that, just in case you wonder if anyone ever actually listens to your advice. 8)


Sounds like something Ed Lopat used to say: Don’t ever mess with a pitcher’s natural motion (unless he’s screwing up so badly that something needs to be done). When he was watching me as I familiarized myself with the (easier) action of the slider, he made some mental notes—about the fact that I was a natural, true sidearmer who used the slide step all the time, among other things—and what he did was show me how to make the most of it. You were right on track—don’t stop the kid if he’s doing okay and getting results with it.
Coaches, take note. :smiley: