Arm slot.. problems?

im 17 yo, 6’2, 160 lbs. ive had no coaching and never been on a team; all ive done is try to figure out stuff in my backyard.

so whats my ‘natural’ arm slot? well i learned the basic throw mechanics with a football. i threw that 3/4 (about like philip rivers). i never ever threw overarm, felt very weird. so anyway, when i started throwing baseballs, i threw a low 3/4, alot like josh beckett. so, ive been throwing that as my main throwing angle since then. but, when i play catch, i sometimes do a throw that is basically a low sidearm, borderline submarine, throw that is as fast, breaks more, and really overall better than my 3/4 pitches. yet, i kinda ignored that and threw 3/4 as my arm slot.
so for the last few days, ive been farting around with sidearm throwing, its basically a perfect 3’oclock, 180°, angle (like jonathon o’day). heres a comparison of my pitches 3/4 and side (no i dont know the exact speed):

4-seam: 3/4 it has little horizontal movement, nothing special. side, it goes about the same speed, very minimal vertical movement.
2-seam: 3/4 basically the same as 4-seam but a little lobbier. side it breaks down and out pretty late, alittle slower than 4-seam.
forkball: 3/4 best pitch by far, breaks late and dances slightly, almost as fast as my 2-seam. side, its just a more extreme 2-seam.
slurve: 3/4 breaks… kinda out. side, breaks out and down pretty good, but im not that great at controlling it.

o yea, the main reason im thinking about changing to side is beacuse i can throw with both arms. well… actually not quite yet, i can throw 80% with my left hand, im waiting till i iron out my mechanics. but anyway, of course side pitching is very good against same-handed batters, which i would be doing most of the time (with the exception of swich hitters of course).

so i dunno. help? :s

The only problem I can see is that you haven’t quite figured out what your natural arm slot is.
My pitching coach of way back when had a basic premise: each pitcher has a natural motion. What he would do was work with that pitcher and help him or her take full advantage of it—make the most of it. I was a natural sidearmer, and I picked up the crossfire and used it extensively, and he helped me utilize that to the fullest extent of which I was capable. I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of, so I went in the other direction and became a very good snake-jazz pitcher; my two best pitches were a slider which I nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” after a character in an old W.C. Fields movie because that was exactly what it was, and a very good knuckle-curve, and I built my repertoire around them—throwing sidearm all the way.
Having read your post, I’m beginning to think that you may be headed in that direction. The sidearm delivery is actually the most natural and the easiest of all the deliveries on the arm and the shoulder, and you might do very well with it. however, it’s up to you, to find your own natural arm slot.
The French composer Claude Debussy, in his preface to a set of twelve etudes for piano, purposely did not indicate any fingerings. He pointed out that every pianist’s hands are different in size and configuration, and what might work for one player might not suit another. He ended up by saying, “Let’s find our own fingerings.” 8)

yea i knew somebody would say that. but thats the thing; ive always kind of thrown both, and they both feel just as natural. i throw with the same velocity and accuracy with both. but my balls break better side. idk, guess i answered my own question. :shrug: