Arm/Slot Movement

What arm slot can generate the most movement? I throw from a normal 3/4 arm slot and everything is flat…so you can see why I am asking this question.

3/4 is the arm slot for most pitchers that throw a slider/cutter pitch. Overhand is more for 12/6 curve guys. Most pitchers with a ton of movement on their fastballs throw from the 3/4 slot because it has more of an effect on movement. However, Maddux and other pitchers have thrown overhand and had movement.

Mark off on a baseball various grip positions until you get one that does basically what you want the ball to do.

This goes for an assortment of pitches and styles of delivery.

This exercise is called " dialing the ball".

Notice on the ball in the example below, the thumb position(s) are also marked and noted.

Coach B.

Great tip Coach B! I will definitely try this! And Tanner, what I mean by 3/4 is Greg Maddux’ or Tim Lincecum’s arm slot. My definition of overhand is Andy Pettite and Hideki Okajima. By the way, Andy Pettite has a good cutter.