Arm Slot/Angle

I’ve heard so many different contradicting opinions on a pitchers arm slot. Over-hand, high 3 quarters, 3 quarters, side arm and obviously subby (which im not too concerned about since I will never throw like that). First off I want to know what are the advantages vs. disadvantages for these arm slots. I know velocity and movement are key variables.

2nd: I’m a college pitcher with a very high over the top arm slot. I throw 85-90 and couldnt throw a ball straight if I tried, but I feel as though my arm slot is inhibiting me from increasing my velocity even further and that i’ll be the righty version of Hideki Okajima…which means my chances of getting drafted are very unlikely. I also know changing arm slots could be potentially harmful for my arm. (I realize some of you will say workout or something, but I’m 6’2 180 in good shape. I do explosive lifting with lighter weight, run often, and started getting back into yoga) Any advise or comments are appreciated, thank you.

Got some recent clips of your mech’s?

Good afternoon, Mr. slider, and greetings from the Goddess of the Slider.
I am well aware that a lot of pitchers throw way over-the-top, and all I have to say is, it’s their arms if they want to take a chance on injuring them. I would not recommend throwing that way, and in many instances I have suggested that a pitcher change the arm slot—drop down to, say a 3/4 angle which would put less strain on the shoulder and arm. The fact that you brought up the subject tells me that you have reservations about continuing to throw straight overhand—not the least being that it inhibits you as far as being able to use more of your stuff, pitch more effectively.
I pitched many moons ago. I was a real honest-to-gosh sidearmer (and you know what exasperating, infuriating creatures we are!)—not much on speed, but I more than made up for it with a very good arsenal of pitches and the control and command to go with it. My best pitch—you’re going to get a kick out of this—was a hard slider that I nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” after a character in an old W.C. Fields movie, because that was exactly what that pitch was, with a sharp late break that used to give opposing batters conniption fits. My next best pitch was a very good knuckle-curve, and I built my repertoire around those two deliveries. In addition—here’s something we sidearmers have at our disposal—the crossfire, which added to the discomfiture of the hitters. Not to mention a closetful of changeups: Babe Ruth, who was himself no slouch on the mound, once said that a good changeup will cause batters more grief than just about anything else, and I picked up on that, starting with a very nice palm ball. And best of all—no sore arm or sore shoulder or sore anything else; the sidearm delivery is actually the most natural, putting very little if any strain or tension on said shoulder or arm. So you might at least experiment with a 3/4 delivery and see where it takes you, how comfortable you might feel. :baseballpitcher:

I don’t have any recent videos. I could post one in the next day or two but I have to do my mechanics dry because I had a minor tweak a couple weeks ago and my coach shut me down because lets be honest fall ball doesn’t mean anything, my spots already sealed. So if a video of my dry mechanics or the towel drill will suffice let me know.

For the “goddess of slider” I would say mine sounds quite similar, freezing righty batters all too often. That’s what makes me not want to change my arm slot because of the "natural movement " I produce and my VERY good off speed. I’ve had a high arm slot my whole life (I’m 20) and I’ve had some shoulder problems but nothing serious. I’ve never had elbow problems though which is seen way more in side arm and lower arm slotted pitchers. And I’m sure you had movement for days, but velocity is my issue. I feel as though you can generate more power in a 3 quarter arm slot but I’m not sure which is why I posted in the first place. Im more so wondering what the possible positives / negatives are of changing my "natural " arm slot. I’ve been successful as a pitcher so now I need to start hitting the mphs needed to go further.

Post some dry, it’ll show your arm action which is all your concerned about.

I’m very interested in seeing it since you likened yourself to Okajima who appears to be very over the top but as it’s been discussed in the past on here he really isn’t, he contorts himself to appear that he’s coming from way up top.

If you’re hitting 85-90 I’m under the impression your max is 90 and you cruise 85-87 perhaps?

So are you looking to sit at 90?

A couple mechanical adjustments rather then changing your slot might do the trick.

What does your PC think about all of this?

Yeah thats pretty much my averages and I’ll top out at 90 My goal is to be 88-92/93

A little background info: I’m a junior coming from a JUCO so this is a new team I’m on. The pitching coach from my JUCO was very helpful in getting me to throw strikes. My pitching coach from home who I get lessons from is a former pro and he was the one who got me throwing with better mechanics and ultimately throwing harder, I still see him and would consider him my guy to go to. The pitching coach at my new school I just transferred to was never a pitcher(i just found this out unfortunately), he was a second baseman and as he does know a lot about baseball in general I don’t exactly trust him tweaking my mechanics…there’s 5 kids on our DL who had Tommy john surgery and I don’t think thats a coincidence. That being said I haven’t told him about changing my arm slots for the obvious reasons, if I would bring this up to anyone it would be my pitching coach from home.

I agree. If you’re comfortable with your pitching coach from back home (the former pro), you should continue to see him for advice and assistance. I would look at the one in your new school with a jaundiced eye; the fact that he was a second baseman who knows little if anything about pitching and that five of the guys on your pitching staff have had the Tommy John surgery should be viewed with suspicion. There are few things worse than a pitching coach who doesn’t know his elbow from third base—or, in this case, second base.
And if you’re comfortable with your arm slot, stay with it. Just be careful not to overthrow. And don’t let anyone try to change your arm angle “just because”, as this can really mess things up for you. Work to maximize your capabilities, make the most of what you have and can do.
I was lucky in that regard. My pitching coach was an active major leaguer—one of the Yankees’ Big Three rotation of the late 40s to mid-50s—who had this basic premise: every pitcher has a natural motion. Would that more pitching coaches would follow that precept!

If you’ve got a guy you trust with your mech’s keep going with him.

Since he knows you best he’ll be your best asset then your new PC at school, but that could get very tricky and possibly effect your innings if your not willing to work on what the PC wants. He’ll be more helpful then this site mechanically as well.

Good luck

Thank you for the responses, I agree. I’ll keep close ties with my PC from home.

I’ll still post a vid within the next couple days to get your opinions, if you don’t mind. Because I won’t be able to see him for at least another month.

For sure go ahead and post those clips, not too many guy’s on here post mech’s that equal your velo.

I’d recommend posting it in the Mechanics section of the forum. There’s some people who only exclusively post in there and can be of some help.