Arm/shoulder pain

My son has started to experience some pain on the back side of his throwing shoulder. Is anyone familiar with this? It seems to be right above his tricept.

This sounds like a problem decelerating his arm.

His mechanics are better and he’s throwing harder, but he hasn’t developed the muscles in the back of his shoulder that slow down his arm (e.g. Teres Minor) so they are getting overloaded. It’s like dropping a bigger engine in a car but not also upsizing the brakes (I’ve heard the 95 Mitsubishi Elipse Spyder had this problem).

He could also have a mechanical problem with how he finishes (e.g. pulling his arm across his body or wrapping it around his body).

Can you post a new clip or re-post a link to one of your previous clips?

Sherman, I keep attempting to e-mail you but it keeps shanking.
Hit me with a pm so I can respond. I have some local folks (St. Vincents and Shands Gainsville) that are very good at this sort of issue.

i have the same thing, and my physical theripist has told me that i have tendinotis in my shoulder, and quite possibly my rotator cuff is starting to tear

coachmichinski, do not let a therapist diagnose what ails you! Get it looked at by a doctor, preferably one that does an mri, let him/her tell you and then let the therapist do their job. The shoulder is very complex and nohing to mess around with.

Where is the problem (e.g. which muscle)?

Do you have a video of yourself throwing?

It may be that you are taking your elbows above and behindd your shoulders. This is what’s causing Mark Prior’s problems.