Arm path solution please


My 14 lefty is struggling to throw strikes I have notice that even before foot plant he is pointing the ball toward the catcher and has little to no external rotation. I try to tell him that the ball needs to be pointing toward the first base side and then external rotation begins. His arm path is so ingrained in his head that it’s very very frustrating for both of us.:expressionless:. Any tips or comments will help us. Thanks.


I understand how frustrating this can be. New movement patterns take hours and hours of reps before you can start seeing changes.

I would do dry drills every day. Have him feel the new movements. Place him in front of a mirror and have him see the new movement. By performing dry drills he can work on this daily without putting any wear and tear throwing the ball. When he starts feeling comfortable with the new movement, have him start pitching the ball to you. I would also video the drills and sit down and have him watch it with you.

When he can actually feel the new movement and recognize it, he will be able to tell if he is falling back into bad habits again.

If you have video post it because the issue may be coming from an issue prior to max ext rotation



Here is the video He is also opening up with front leg. We are working on that too. His arm is not connected to his body.


You son has to develop a strength and conditioning program that fits his age and availability. As I see it, he lacks body coordination, stamina and strength patterns with his movements. He is weak postured and does not have the leg, abdominal and shoulder muscles to take any observation(s) and learn from it.

Your son should be on a diet appropriate for his age metabolic cycle. His breakfast should sustain him well into the morning, then a lunch and supper that supports his daily routines. Lot of fruits and a breakfast in carbs to sustain his day usually works well. But then again, his health history with respect to food tolerances should be a major consideration.

Exercise - no weights, should include sit-ups, pushups, squats, and light sprints of only 60 feet in length and only three times a day. Notice I mention nothing to do with throwing. His body has to be built up better before he’ll benefit from a throwing … then a pitching workout.

I would tailor his workouts based on his health history, and monitor his workouts carefully. I say this because by looking at this video, he doesn’t appear to have had any such workouts.

Finally, give your son time to get accustomed to this pattern of behavior. It’ll take time to come around. That time - will depend on his ability to progress his strength and stamina.



I sent you an email with some video comparisons