Arm Pain

Whats up guys… I was throwin yesterday outside… when it was like 30º out but the wind made it about 5… but Ive been throwin once a week since teh beginning of january… and my shoulder’s been feeling fine… but that was inside… and yesterday when I was long tossin to warm up… I hadda stop only like 30 yards away cause my shoulder was killin… I iced it and took some advil and when I do the throwing motion it feels fine when I go straight over the top but when I go 3/4 like the way i pitch… it hurts… I was wondering if I should do some shoulder exercises to try 2 help it with like 3 lb weighs… or I have like a yoga band I could do the exercises with that… lemme know if u got any advice thanks

warm up to throw don’t throw to warm up.

yeah i know… i was warmin up to throw by long tossin

Let us use logic.

Long tossing is throwing so…

oh i thought u meant like dont pitch in a sense of warming up for pitching… how else am i supposed 2 warm up tho if i dont long toss which i was just airin it out in not putting al ot of power into the ball… but should I do like 3 lb weight exercises or what

^ It’s very important to warm-up the muscles and stretch before throwing (especially in the cold).

Some warm-up activities include jumping jacks, jumping rope, jogging/running/wind sprints, and aerobic technique exercises, are some, to name a few.

Regarding your shoulder pain, where exactly is/was the pain?

yeah thanks for the advice… its just like a kinda pull ? i guess like i had tendonitis last year… but i just stopped icin my arm like 1 min ago… i iced it for like 20 min… like 7 ish in the front of my shoulder cause it hurt thereh… then i had it on the top of my shoulder… then i had it on the back cause it hurts a ill there too… so im just gonna stretch it out and then hopefully itll be fine

Google “dynamic warmup” and check out some of the hits to find out some things to do to warm up BEFORE throwing.

thanks for that roger… we do somethin like that already… but Im just saying like how can i warm up my arm w/o throwing because it hurt when I was warming up and it was just light tossing anyways

I posted the warm-up routine I use in][b]this thread[/b
. Take a look and you should get some good ideas of things to do. I’ve used that routine with my travel team for about 2 years and have had no injuries. Of course, we also do other things like use pitch counts and limit the number of breaking balls.