Arm pain

Lately i seem to have been short-arming the ball, and not bringing my arm all the way back, and my arm has been more sore after throwing.

Recently, i was throwing with my dad, and he pointed this out, and i started to bring my arm all the way back, and i haven’t had any arm soreness at all.

Today i threw probably 100 pitches, and my arm is not sore at all, not even a dull pain.
Could short-arming the ball be the cause of my arm pain?


It could be, I throw a knuckleball, so to make sure I throw it well and not tip anything off, I’ve developed a short arm habit so I don’t feel anything after several years of this. In fact I get more pain from bringing it back and throwing. I’m just odd though so don’t worry about me.

You probably want to bring your arm back, most people do.

Don’t make fun of me short arming, lots of people did it in the majors, Luis Viscaino does it, Phil and Joe Niekro did so as well.