Arm Pain Help

Ive been having some arm problems and was hoping you guys could help me out. When i pitch i get soreness in my whole upper arm(not my shoulder) and my upper forearm area. It feels like my arm has no strength when this happens, like i need extra effort to lift it. It is only painful like this when I throw but still has pain afterwords for a few days. Any help is appreciated thanks

It really sounds to me like you have tendonitis. I would have a trainer or a doctor take a look. It sounds like just some rest could do you some good.

I have the same thing after I pitch. My manager is a doctor in Rehab work and after he looked at my arm and I described the feeling to him (pain in the bicep and pain in the forearm just under the elbow) He told me that is just muscle fatigue and I need to strenghten these muscles I I should have less pain. Have been doing long toss and forearm squeezes with a tennis ball. I have felt less pain agter throwing since doing this.

Hope this helps

See a doctor. Don’t let people try to diagnose your problems over the internet.

isn’t that the purpose of a “pitching injuries and prevention” forum?

I hope not otherwise the person who hosted the forum might be legally liable.

all hail the disclaimer