Arm Numbness

i’m playin in a winter league indoors this year, and both times after i’ve pitched my arm has been numb afterward. i couldn’t even open a can of soda later in the night! i would just like to know if anyone knows anything about this because i don’t want to risk anything playin winterball. Thanks!

Stop. See a doctor. Because numbness is not good at all.

really? crap. i thought it was just cuz my arm isn’t totally in shape yet. it’s weird because it doesn’t hurt.

Numbness might have something to do with tendons, but I have no idea. Check it out with a doctor.

I would think numbness would be indicative of a nerve issue. Better to get it checked out by a doctor.

alright, thanks for your input guys. i’ll see wat the doc has to say

winter ball is dangerous if you do not throw in between games to keep your arm in shape. most guys just go in there and throw in the games and wonder why they hurt. even with good mechanics you will strain something when your muscles fatigue. they an’t protect you any more when they’re tired.

hi, what it might be is neuropathy, if I were you I would go to the doctors for sure, since it could be something different, more serious or not, however if you want to know more about neuropathy and possible treatment check out this website, it could be helpful in your situation